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Motoring Humour: Must be God

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]loke gets a job as a chauffeur, and after a few months, works his way up to a senior driver’s position. One day he is told to go and pick up a VIP at the airport – but it’s a “bit of a hush-hush visit” so exercise discretion.

pope-driving-a-limousine-funny-jokesLo and behold, there at the airport is the Pope! His Holiness gets into the back of the Rolls, and admires the leatherwork, and interior, then says to Bloke “What’s this thing like to drive? I used to enjoy driving a little car when I was a priest back in Poland, but since then, I’ve been driven everywhere, and really miss being behind the wheel.”

Bloke says “no problem” and stops.

Pope jumps into front seat, and bloke gets into back, and heads off down the motorway, at 100 mph!

Next thing, he is pulled over by a motorbike cop, who walks up to the car.

The Pope winds down the window, and plod walks back to his car, to radio for advice. “I have caught a VIP speeding, what do I do?” he asks senior officer.

“What kind of VIP?”


“How important? A cabinet minister?

A member of the Royal family? One of the Spice Girls?”

“Errrrr – I think it must be GOD! He’s got the Pope driving him around!”


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