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since debuted on radio on June 12, 1996, Motoring World has introduced a new and developmental dimension to Motoring reporting in Africa. To us, motoring has got to do more with human behaviour and activities.

That’s why we are devoted to capturing the steam of human interest stories about people, places, and events in the automotive world, making traditionally technical motoring tales softer, juicier, and easier to swallow by our story-consuming public.

MOTORIN WORLD OLD EDITION 01MW21First published in print May 1998, Motoring World has been a product of necessity, created to fill a yawning void in the reportage of neglected automobile and road transport sectors.

The same old but undying commitment to professionalism in motoring reporting motivated us to launch into the wide world of online publishing, via www.motoringworldng.com. 

As we did from Motoring World on OGBC2(FM), Abeokuta and Radio Rivers, Port Harcourt in 1996 to Motoring World in print from 1998, so do we through this platform, where we serve our readers with incisive stories about automotive products, people, places, events, and government policies.

We believe our readers deserve to have real laughter, hence our devotion to presenting you MOTORING HUMOURS. 

Motoring World Forum is a platform to share with other motorists your thoughts, knowledge as well as good or bad motoring experiences, intractable motoring problems, and solutions to them.

Nonetheless, there are, on our menu, news updates and incisive features pertaining to new cars, motoring events, automakers, designers, dealers, artisans, policymakers and other stakeholders in allied sectors.

Above all, Motoring World is spiced with educating bits and incisive columns from the editor and other members of our team. You would never want to miss TILDA VIEW, a Straight-from-the-heart write-up. It’s placed on your menu monthly from Matilda, our London Bureau Chief.

While Kick-starter, Femi Owoeye’s column, serves schema setting wine of motoring journalism, Rotimi Asher’s Reflections takes you through Spiritual Metamorphosis of Automobiles and more..

Yet for visiting our website, you shall encounter added tit-bits of wildest occurrences in the world of motoring. Motoring World is published weekly.

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.FEMI OWOEYE Editor-in-chief


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Our Editor/Publisher started Motoring World magazine as a syndicated radio program on OGBC-FM, Abeokuta, and Radio Rivers-FM, Port Harcourt on June 12, 1996, before publishing its print version, which hit the newsstand in May 1998.

Femi, who, prior to publishing Motoring World, had spent six years working as a business correspondent and editor for other business and motoring titles, started practicing motoring journalism over 20 years ago (precisely 1990) after graduating with B.SC Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He has done everything from scriptwriting/presentation/production of motoring and business programs for radio to the gathering of motoring news, coverage of motor shows, and new car launch in Nigeria and across the world.

In addition to working for a couple of national newspapers in Nigeria and Hilhouse Media in the United Kingdom(2000 – 2013) as motoring editor and editorial consultant respectively, Femi was a regular guest on Television, talking and analyzing motoring and road transportation issues and was the first Motoring Journalist to win Peugeot-sponsored Nigerian Best Motoring Media Executive Award 2001.


ROTIMI ASHER, Lagos Bureau Chief
Lagos Bureau Chief

Rotimi Asher

Lagos Bureau Chief

[email protected]

tel: +2348090566221

A pioneer staff of Motoring World since 1996, Rotimi Asher has been involved in everything from being the presenter of Motoring World on Radio to tracking down newsmakers/celebrities for human interest motoring stories and engaging in media relation, when Motoring World consulted for Lagos Auto Expo, as well as covering and reporting motoring events. But now, he is not only in charge of personnel and editorial operations of the Lagos Bureau Office, he is the editor of BUSINESS MONITOR, our sister publication.


Editorial Director, Motoring World Intl.

Matilda Frances

Editorial Director

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @tildafrances

Matilda looks after the news and motoring events in the UK and other parts of Europe. Committed to enriching Motoring World with human interest stuffs,  she sniffs out relevant stories in Europe, identifies female and male drivers of substance, tracking them down for exclusive interviews, knitting them into human interest stories that we are committed to dishing out to our readers in full measure.

Matilda and her team are responsible for attending motor shows and new car launches in the UK and other parts of Europe. You’d think her job is tough. But to Tilda, it’s fun.