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“I Lack Deep Expertise In Car Safety,” says new EuroNCAP Boss

the newly appointed president of Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), Niels Ebbe Jacobsen lacks deep expertise in car safety.

The new EuroNCAP helmsman made the confession while reacting to his new appointment.

“Unlike many Euro NCAP Board members,” he said, “I do not have deep expertise in car safety, but with decades of experience in board and leadership positions. I hope to bring other elements into play. This includes focus on vision, mission, strategy and governance as well as a broader consumer perspective in mobility and change driven by new technology like sensors, digitalization and AI. For in-depth expertise in car safety, I will continue to trust in my fellow Euro NCAP Board members and a continued well-led Euro NCAP Secretariat.”

Euro NCAP’s members recently elected Jacobsen as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the next period. Having joined the Board in 2019 on behalf of ICRT, Niels will succeed outgoing President Pierre Castaing.

Niels Ebbe Jacobsen is the CEO of ICRT (International Consumer Research & Testing), a UK-based independent consumer consortium with 30+ members worldwide. ICRT is one of the founding members of Euro NCAP and continues to hold a seat on the board. Before Niels came to ICRT, he was a Director at Consumer Reports, the largest consumer organisation and a leading car testing organisation in the US and led the test and research department at The Danish Consumer Council.

Reacting, Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary-General says “The next decade of mobility will change dramatically with advanced active safety systems, automated driving, more sustainable vehicle propulsion systems and further market shifts from car ownership to mobility as a service. I look very much forward to working with Niels to adapt to these changes to the benefit of European citizens.”

Outgoing President Pierre Castaing, who expressed appreciation to the Board of Euro NCAP for their support in the last years, congratulated Niels Ebbe Jacobsen on his election as the next chairman and President.

According to him, decades of outstanding road safety, work at Euro NCAP had a profound impact on vehicle safety and on global standards, national and regional legislations.

He expressed an assurance that under Niels’ leadership Euro NCAP will continue to make a mark in European road safety”.

Euro NCAP organizes crash tests on new vehicles and provides motoring consumers with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe. Established in 1997 and backed by several European Governments, motoring, consumer and insurance organizations, Euro NCAP has rapidly become a catalyst for encouraging significant safety improvements to new car design.

Euro NCAP ratings strictly apply to vehicles of the specifications offered in Europe. The ratings do not necessarily apply to models offered in other regions, even when sold under an identical name, as production specification and equipment may vary.

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