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Why Motorits Should Start the New Year with Sanitizer


Fortunately, the fourth wave of COVID-19 has not been as damaging as the third for many people and businesses. It also appears as if most countries may have passed the peak of this wave.

Despite this, COVID-19 remains something that those who drive to work and for a living need to remain mindful of. Do not let your guard down even as more people are vaccinated and individuals grow weary of the pandemic.

To stay as safe as possible while driving in this era of pandemic, please follow the tips below:

  • Chances of being involved in a crash are higher at night time and every driver should try their best to reduce time spent on the roads at night and consequently reduce the chance of adding strain on emergency services.
  • While driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal and drivers are clearly aware of illegality, do not be tempted to take a chance and drive home after drinking believing nothing will happen. Besides the risk placed on your own life and those of others, again you will place undue strain on emergency services should things go wrong.
  • Ensure you sanitize regularly, particularly before you get back into the car at a rest stop.
  • If you make use of public transport, ensure you wear your mask at all times and that the windows of the vehicle are kept open for proper ventilation.
  • Be respectful to those that you interact with throughout a trip when driving by wearing your mask in public spaces like petrol stations and sanitising often so that no one is exposed to unnecessary risk, particularly those working on the frontline.
  • When you need to refuel be sure to sanitise if you touch the card machine or if you happen to touch anything outside of the car that someone else may have touched.
  • If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of coming across a crash where your assistance could be required, do not forget your mask and proper social distancing protocols whenever possible. Additionally, do not provide assistance to anyone without seeking their permission first.
  • Keep additional masks and sanitizer in your car. Contrary to posts on social media, hand sanitizer cannot spontaneously combust. It needs a source of ignition.

Unfortunately, less than 50% of South Africa’s population is fully vaccinated which makes the country vulnerable to the negative effects associated with the spread of COVID-19. “While South Africans need to continue their normal activities, this must still be done in a safe and socially-conscious manner. Wherever you go, whether it’s a daily commute to work or all day in the car between clients, keep these tips in mind and ensure you begin the New Year healthy and safe.

Eugene Herbert is the CEO of MasterDrive based in South Africa

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