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Challenges of Back-to-Work Driving, as Schools Re-open

As the world battles a second wave of the coronavirus, schools are set to reopen nationwide in Nigeria after shutting down for almost a year.

Truth is that, school drivers, workers and student drivers are likely to exhibit unusual driving habits, having been off the road for so long.

As advised by the managing director of South African-based MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, no matter what your status is, remember, Corona Virus is still raging, even more virulently. So it might be safer to reduce time on the road this January.

He said: “The challenges created by COVID-19 are affecting all spheres of life, including driving habits. While this year’s challenges will be less like the congested roads of previous years, drivers will still encounter a new set of challenges.”

Less time behind the wheel

As schools reopen, motorists should look forward to road congestion and be prepare to reacquaint themselves with congestion and busy roads. While this may still be true for some drivers, others may still be working remotely. This means that drivers that are reacquainting themselves with the road may be a reality for longer than just this month.

If you have not driven in congested traffic for a while, give yourself time to become used to the traffic again. As a school-related driver, your driving muscle memory will return quickly. But, until then, do not take risks. Make way for drivers who have been on the roads throughout the school closure.

You will, unfortunately, be more vulnerable to impatient and potentially aggressive drivers, who have driven throughout this period.

Safe driving

Drivers, who do not need to or already have regained their muscle memory, should exert patience and caution.

If you encounter drivers that seem more hesitant than normal, give them the space and room needed as they get into the habit of driving in more congested traffic.

Additionally, do not be tempted to make reckless maneuvers. Note that, as schools reopen nationwide, number of drivers will inevitably increase.

Speeding, swerving between lanes, driving aggressively and similar driving habits increase the chance of crashing, irrespective of how many people are on the roads.

Using public transport safely

As the new wave of COVID-19 appears to be stronger than before, users of public transport should avoid taking any chances. Do not make use of transport providers that are not following the regulations put in place by the government.

Ensure that you wear your mask and sanitize accordingly when you make use of public transport.

The New Year is starting in a way that is vastly different to other years, but still with its own challenges for the roads.

“Whether you will be spending less time behind the wheel, need a reminder of safe driving habits or are a user of public transport, make driving decisions that will ensure you have a positive start to the year,” says Herbert.

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