Why Nigerian Automotive Industry Development Bill Deserves Buhari’s Priority Assent

FEMI OWOEYE News about President Muhammadu Buhari’s assenting six bills on Friday(29th December 2017) activated my brain’s alarm. Going through the list of bills the president signed into law, I found the likes of Federal Capital Territory administration to legally and legitimately provide funds out of its statutory revenue fund for recurrent and capital expenditure, confirmation of the establishment of ...

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Nigeria at 57: Any Cause for Cheer in the Auto Industry?

FEMI OWOEYE Nigerian independence anniversary celebration has become a routine. Same song. Same speech. Same people. Same knives and forks. Same Cups. Same plates. Same table linen- only washed. Same places to eat it. Same toilet and toilet paper (being frugal). Different year, same banner. They just paint over the previous year’s one. Same old…same old. Oh God!! I am ...

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Apology to Our Readers

Management of Motoring World wish to apologize to our subscribers, stakeholders and general reading public over erratic performance of our website in the past one week. It has been due to technical undoing experienced with our former hosting company, ipage. Our hosting contract with the company has been cancelled. We, therefore, wish to assure our general reading public that we ...

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What to do with Perpetrators of Fuel Diversion: Shoot the ‘Baggers’

Diversion of fuel fuel meant for Nigerian motoring public has started again! Exactly what Nigeria experienced during the President Jonathan’s regime. Subsidized fuel meant for Nigerian citizens are being diverted to Chad and Niger, just because, unlike Nigeria where fuel pump price is pegged at N145 per litre, it is sold in those neighboring countries for as high as N400/liter. No ...

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MMI Airport Security as Mockery of Buhari CHANGE Campaign

FEMI OWOEYE Obviously, Murtala Mohammed International Airport is an  important gateway into the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And its new vehicle car park seems to be taking forever to build, a situation, which the government security agencies manning the airport have been exploiting to the embarrassment of the country. No doubt, security agents planted at an international airport of that status ...

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Vehicle Import ban: Why Customs’ Demand for More Officers Is Unnecessary

FEMI OWOEYE This week, the Nigerian Custom Service(NCS) revealed it needed more men to man Nigerian porous borders so as to cope with aftermath of ban placed on importation of vehicles via the land borders. The Federal government should ignore their demands. It is unnecessary. The NCS have been major part of the smuggling problem over the years. And they ...

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