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“How I Bought a Made-in-Nigeria car with N2,800”-Otunba Femi Pedro, former Deputy Governor, Lagos State of Nigeria

Although Otunba Femi Pedro, Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, has a deep passion for automobiles made in Nigeria, he is a lover of aesthetic and luxury cars. He once had a dream car, a luxury brand, which he could not acquire until he was Managing Director of First Atlantic bank (defunct). At the recent unveiling of Peugeot 3008 held ...

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“When My Future Racing Career Was At Risk…The Turning Points” – Mercedes-Benz Racing Driver, Lucas Auer

Quick on the track and yet very easy-going at the same time – that’s how people in the DTM see Tyrolean all-rounder Lucas Auer, 23-year-old, Mercedes-Benz racing driver. In this interview, Lucas talks about two major low points of his life, which eventually spurred him up towards a successful racing career…have a ball… Q: Lucas, you have not always had ...

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Football Manager, Mourinho Makes Surprise Visit to Jaguar Production Line

…Becomes 100,000th Jaguar F-PACE Customer José Mourinho made a surprise visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Solihull, UK, to watch employees build his new car: the 100,000th F-PACE. Mourinho wore bespoke Jaguar overalls and made his way directly to the factory floor to oversee the production of his car and helped the team as it moved along the production ...

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Children Day Special: Ford Develops Clever Cot that Simulates Car Journeys so Baby Can Get to Sleep at Home – without Mum or Dad Having to Hit the Road

For many new parents, there is only one guaranteed solution to putting their baby down at the end of the day – a night-time drive that soothes, calms, and eventually helps the little one nod off. But that still means a disrupted night for mum or dad, who research shows can typically expect little more than five hours sleep a night while ...

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Mercedes Benz World PR Beauty Business Week: What Has Car got to do with Beauty and Shea Butter?

FEMI OWOEYE Last Friday,I was at the Nigerian headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Weststar Associates Limited, for a press conference, during which Beauty Business Week was formally introduced to journalists.   While the CEO of The World PR Media Limited, Mrs Tayo Afolabi, was reeling out the programme of events, she placed so much emphasis on beauty products, especially Shea Butter that ...

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Favourite Pet Names Britons Give to Cars

Do you give your car a pet name? If so, you’re not alone! New research reveals that almost one in seven drivers name their car – and that women are more than twice as likely to christen their motor. Nearly 1,000 motorists were quizzed by the specialist online car seller to learn more about the emotional attachment people have to ...

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Why I Like Small Cars – Deji Badejo, Head of External Relations, Lagos State Ministry of Environment

To many Nigerians, an SUV is the ultimate, especially when it comes to the choice of automobile or even a dream car. Judging by the choice of the nation’s Senators and certain States’ parliamentarians, one hardly expects a civil servant or government functionary to dream of anything less than an SUV. But one man, who thinks otherwise, is Mr. Deji ...

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