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Motoring Obligations That Can Benefit Your Budget

For many motorists, the vehicle ownership experience can be summed up with two obligations: always make your monthly instalments (in case of those who acquired their vehicles on installment payment terms) and keep fuel in the tank. Both of those are true. Keeping up with repayments ensures a spotless credit record, and a fuel budget will keep the wheels turning. However, ...

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Tips on Vehicle Tyre Checks: How to Stay Safe and Avoid Unnecessary Bills

Drivers are increasing their motoring costs as well as the risk of being involved in an incident by ignoring tyre maintenance, according to TyreSafe. The organizer of Tyre Safety Month is reminding motorists that regular tyre checks are a ‘win-win’ as they will help road users stay safe and avoid unnecessary bills. To help them, TyreSafe has drawn together a ...

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Check In Here for Airport Parking Tips

RICHARD GLADMAN(IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards) Travelling to an airport for many includes taking the car and having to book parking for the duration of your trip which can be an expensive addition to the overall cost. The following tips give advice to all those planning to leave their car at an airport while they enjoy their ...

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How Smoking Could Crash Your Car Value

People who smoke in their cars run the risk of losing thousands of pounds when they come to sell or trade in, a survey has revealed. A survey of 6,000 people found 87% wouldn’t buy a used car that had been smoked in. Those findings are echoed by automotive data specialists at cap-hpi who estimate that once potential smells, ...

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