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How to Restore your Brakes after Driving through the Flood

Welcome to the third bit of the special rainy season motoring edition, which we kick-started three weeks ago. I took you through pre-rainy season grounding and how to cruise through a flooded road. 

You might have realized that, after driving through a flooded road, it is likely your brakes become less effective. Don’t panic. It is normal.

Just do as follows:

After driving through a flooded road, first, test your brake while driving at a speed of less than 30 km/hour. If the brakes are in order, keep going.

If otherwise, it means you need to clean water off the surfaces of your brake pads. How do you do this? Simple.

Cleaning the Brake:

  1. Take off normally.
  2. Cruising on second gear at a speed of not more than 30km/hour, press the brake pedal slightly without lifting your foot off the acceleration pedal.
  3. Continue accelerating and braking at the same time.
  4. After a while, test the brake again without accelerating.
  5. If not yet effective enough, go through the process once again and test your brake. Once it is all normal, continue your journey as normal.
  6. To avoid any problem at all, you are better off listening to weather forecasts daily and avoid traveling in your vehicle, if it is going to rain heavily.

As you drive this rainy season, please be careful out there.

Last Words

Dear motorists, if you must drive during this rainy season, ensure you have enough fuel in your tank because whenever the road is flooded, you are likely to experience a heavy hold-up.

That means slow driving and higher fuel consumption. It is not palatable to drain your fuel under such circumstances. It is unimaginable, especially having children in the vehicle.

Or if you are driving an Electric car, ensure you always have enough charge. Indeed, it is a good idea to plug your EV for a top-up at home or office.

This is how we conclude this 2021 special rainy season edition of Motoring Advice, which I feel obliged to serve you every year.

Meanwhile, if you have been experiencing any intractable problems with your automobile and you seek answers, mail your queries to:

The Automan,

Motoring World International via email address:


Have a safe motoring week, and be careful out there…

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