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From Dream to Automated Driving: the DRIVE PILOT Story of Mercedes-Benz

Since the invention of the automobile 138 years ago by Mercedes-Benz, the car manufacturer has continued to set new standards with innovative technologies.

The current development and introduction of automated driving systems is redefining the role of the automobile.

Today, automated driving functions are already increasing comfort and safety. DRIVE PILOT is the first system for series-production vehicles to allow drivers to safely engage in certain secondary activities in slow-moving traffic on freeways – and to do so legally. The system has been on sale in Germany since May 2022 and in the U.S. in the states of California and Nevada in the S-Class and EQS Saloon for just over a year.

Experts refer to this as conditionally automated driving according to SAE Level 3.

The main campaign film “Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story” tells the story of a dream and goes through  a journey ththeir dreams until they become reality.

Viewers accompany the protagonist from his childhood to the present day. The brand with the three-pointed star is his constant companion – whether as a quartet card game in the classroom, toy cars in the nursery or as Silver Arrows in Formula 1 races on television.

Over the years, his dream of one day driving a Mercedes-Benz himself grows. The film shows how his dream comes true and what role DRIVE PILOT plays in it.

The song “Dreamer” was released in 1974 and embodies the core message of the campaign film of the same name. Music & lyrics: Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies; publishing: Universal Music Publishing.

About Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT

DRIVE PILOT is the world’s first SAE Level 3 system for highly automated driving with internationally valid system approval.

DRIVE PILOT has already been available for the EQS Saloon and the S-Class in Germany since 2022, where the entire 13,191 kilometres of motorway have been approved for highly automated driving.

In the U.S., the system has been available in the states of Nevada and California since the end of 2023. In China, Mercedes-Benz has received official approval to test highly automated driving systems (Level 3) in Beijing. The DRIVE PILOT technology is based on a redundant system architecture designed for safety with over 30 sensors, for example. These include camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors, LiDAR, microphones and a satellite-based positioning system.

With DRIVE PILOT, Mercedes-Benz is introducing a paradigm shift: the vehicle takes over the dynamic driving task under certain conditions. During the highly automated journey, the driver is permitted to turn away from the traffic and concentrate on certain secondary activities – be it surfing the internet or relaxing with a film. The possible activities may vary depending on national legislation.

Campaign details & media mix

The global social media campaign “Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story” will be launched on June 14, 2024. In addition to the 60-second main film, there are short versions of various lengths on Mercedes-Benz social media channels worldwide and a TV commercial (TVC) in Germany.

Launched on Friday in Germany and the U.S. the campaign will be and will also be played out internationally with different dates depending on the market.

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