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Women, Younger Buyers Need Help to Find Their Next Car

By: MATILDA FRANCES Recent research from Auto Trader’s Buyer Behaviour Study undertaken by GfK1 suggests that nearly half of all buyers begin the search for their next used car unclear on the make and model they want. The research revealed that 48% were undecided compared with 52% of buyers who approached the process with a clear purchase intention. When broken ...

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Hilarious But True: How a Female American Missionary Adapted to Driving in Northern Nigeria

After months of terror and apprehension, following her arrival in Nigeria with her husband and children, Christy, an American missionary, summoned the courage to drive a car. She later discovered and documented 10 unspoken driving rules, which she believes can reduce road accidents on Nigerian road… Chris and Christy are a couple and Americans born and raised in Michigan and ...

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President Jonathan’s Official Car: How Secure?

Since 1963, when American President, J F Kennedy was killed, while driving through Dallars in an open-topped limousine Lincoln Continental SS-100-X, world leaders have had reasons to acquire automobiles that keep them safe from attacks. But how secured is Nigerian presidential car? ROTIMI ASHER finds out.. The common practice in most countries of  the world is to acquire automobiles that ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Racy Car Life

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal professional footballer, who plays for Real Madrid C F, is a car freak, who doesn’t acquire automobiles, merely for moving from place to place, but sees them as toys, reports ROTIMI ASHER Early this years (February 5th), Ronaldo marked his 30th birthday. To celebrate that milestone, he got himself a ghost. Yes, he had always dreamt of ...

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How Henry Ford Put The World On Wheels

By: FEMI OWOEYE From early this year(2015), Ford has been in the news. At a point, his great grand son got his great, great grand car, Mustang unveiled from the world’s tallest building in Dubai. Recently again, Ford’s family bought back one of the earliest commercially manufactured cars. But none of these stories is as inspiring as how the late ...

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Over 100 Years Old, Still Driving

At the age of 17 , Pa Edward learnt how to drive with his uncle’s De Dion Bouton, a car manufactured by a French Automobile and rail car maker, which operated from 1883 to 1932. Edward passed his driving test and obtained his first ever driving license at the age of 20. That was 1925, a period in history, when ...

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My Experience with Lagos Traffic Robbers -Music Promoter Ahmed Ogunbanwo

Though a music producer and promoter behind such music stars as Buga,   Mr. Jejelaiyegba among others.  Ahmed Ogunbanwo, who  is a European trained IT expert and CEO of True Talent African Records based in Nigeria and Europe ,is a  car freak, who is not auto crazy.  In this close encounter with Motoring World’s Senior Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER, at his production ...

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