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Family Motoring Holiday: Essential Guides from Four Vagabonds

For about two weeks every summer between 1914 and 1924, a group of friends who called themselves the Four Vagabonds would climb into their Model Ts and hit the open road, travelling to some of the United States’ most scenic areas, stopping off and setting up overnight camps along the way. But these weren’t your average Americans. They were none other than ...

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Top Tips to Banish Driving Distractions

NEIL WORTH Recognizing the danger of distractions and knowing how to keep them to a minimum is a vital part of driving safely. Where drivers divide their attention between the main task of driving and a secondary, distracting task, there will be a negative effect on driving performance.  Sensible lane choice can disappear, reactions are slowed, observations become more fixed, ...

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Driving Tips for Expectant Mothers(Also watch video)

Your journey to parenthood is an exciting time that requires much preparation, and also includes staying safe on the road. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be need to continuously make in-vehicle adjustments to ensure optimal positioning and safety while driving. To help engineers better understand the needs of expectant mothers, Ford Motor Company designed an “empathy belly” – or pregnancy suit. This pregnancy suit adds ...

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Important Filtering Tips for Motorcyclists

RICHARD GLADMAN This week’s tips are all about how to filter through traffic safely on a motorcycle. No matter if you’re a new rider who’s nervous about filtering, or an experienced motorcyclists, it’s always good to be reminded of the following key tips: Only filter when the surrounding traffic is moving at less than 20mph, and then only exceed that ...

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Why You Must Replace Your Worn Tyres Now

LUNGISA XHELITHOLE Worn tyres can cause accidents, may invalidate your insurance—and will cost you money in the long term. Not replacing them doesn’t make sense. Tyres are vital to the safety of the driver, passengers as well as other road users. Therefore being tyre-savvy is important; that means understanding how to choose the right tyres, how to care for them ...

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Managing Your Finances over the Festive Season

The festive season is almost in full swing and many of us are preparing to celebrate with friends and family. Although an enjoyable time of the year, there is always the potential risk of overspending as we seek to relax and spoil loved ones with expensive gifts, outings and fun experiences. If finances are not managed effectively many of us ...

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Tyre Know-How: The Farmer’s Secret Weapon

Among the most pressing challenges facing farmers today is the constant pressure on margins. Many of the factors affecting agricultural productivity are beyond the farmer’s control—fuel prices, market fluctuations, unfavourable weather conditions—so it really makes sense not to neglect those factors they can do something about. One of the most important, but frequently misunderstood, is tyres, says Stephan van Staden, ...

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