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3 Rules to Keep in Mind When Driving Through Civil Unrest

Given the recent experiences worldwide, civil unrest could spark and ignite anytime. A recent example is South Africa. Mini sparks of unrest or planned demonstration is regularly experienced in Nigeria. Europe, Asia and America are not left out.

In essence, for a motorist, in case of unrest, traveling to essential destinations could become a hazard.

While it is impossible to know what to expect, drivers need to know what to do to best handle any dangerous situations.

To assist motorists to keep safe during unrests, therefore, the CEO of South Africa-based MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, has recommended three easy-to-remember tips that all drivers should keep in mind.


If your travel plans are not essential, rather delay them. “If they are essential, spend time assessing the situation on your route before leaving. If there is unrest or your travel through a high-risk area, rather err on the side of caution and choose another route.

If there is no other route that you feel confident traveling on, speak to whoever is expecting you about rescheduling or making another plan. With the exception of a medical or family emergency, no trip is worth sacrificing your safety,” says Herbert.

Google Maps has a function that indicates no-go areas that should be avoided. Wherever possible, follow this link to access the map. Be sure to use this to plan your routes and make the best decisions for your safety.

Stay calm: Should you unexpectedly find yourself caught up in unrest, it is essential to stay calm. “The first step might be to accept that there is a very real possibility that this could happen. Then, prepare yourself for this by having a plan on what to do in this scenario. The main objective should be to remove yourself from the danger but do not take risks on the road or endanger anyone standing in the road. If your car is damaged, worry about it later, rather focus on staying mobile and leaving the area.”

Do not engage: Understandable, you could be one of those, who feel anger and resentment about the current situation in your country. “Do not take this anger and resentment into the car with you and let it rule your decision about what to do if caught up in the unrest. It is an extremely volatile situation that is likely to be worsened by expressing your anger to the protestors. Remind yourself, your personal safety is the priority and follow your plan to leave the situation with as little engagement as possible.”

It can be difficult to remember what to do in an emergency situation. Minimize the tips to remember by following these three simple steps so that if you find yourself in a panic and difficult situation, you can quickly remember what to do without much effort.

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