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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Editor,

My car is a Toyota Camry 2010. For almost two months now, whenever I travel on the highway and get into potholes and bumps, the car shakes and I hear some funny, but annoying noise.

I took it to my mechanic, who told me the problem was stabilizer rubber. I paid for a repair. But, when I traveled this last week, I found out the problem remains. Kindly advise me the possible cause of the problem. I don’t think the mechanic got it right.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Ajewole

[email protected]


Uneven tyre wear
Uneven wear on tyres can wear out your car and even condemn the tyres to skip bin; but it can be prevented

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ruly, your mechanic did not get it right. From my understanding of your mail, what is wrong with your car has got to do with tyres. Take the car to a quick service centre, for instance one attached to a reputable filling station, like Automatic Fit and Energy Services located at Total Petrol Stations. They will find out that what you suffer from is simply UNEVEN TYRE WEAR.

It is something you can find out yourself, if you can take the pain to jack up individual tyre and check in and outer parts for baldness or dents. Your tyre may look alright, when parked or driving on road. An uneven wear spot might be hidden inside.

Solution: The problem can be prevented by checking and doing your tyre alignment periodically. And with your current experience, the solution is to take the car to an alignment centre, let the tyres be turned around, do alignment and possibly wheel balancing.

On how often you need to change your tyres around, I will recommend you do so  every time you do servicing. And once the tyres are changed round, also ensure wheel balancing and alignments are done. By so during, your tyres will not only last longer, they will give you less worry.

Dear Motorists,

Your AUTOMAN is back to start answering your mailed questions regarding intractable motoring experience. Keep sending in your mails. If you don’t read answers immediately, don’t worry, we will publish your answer within a period of two weeks.

Be careful out there. Drive carefully.

Engr. Sulaiman Adedeji


Readers’ Comments

Baba Dickson
Baba Dickson

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ew things you need to look at how good are your tyres? When last did you get the alignment and tyre balancing?

Because of the situation with our roads, are you the only driver? Do you remember if u ran to a pothole recently, all these could have caused the problem. Check them out.  God bless.

Baba Dickson is CEO of First Excite LLC/Xtracleann NG Company


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