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Road Crash Kills 1, 466 Nigerians


[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ot less than 1,466 Nigerians, including woman and children, lost their lives in road accidents that occurred across Nigeria, during the first quarter of 2017.

As recorded in the Road Transport data of the nation’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 1,363 of the deceased, representing 93% of the figure, are adults, while the remaining 103, representing 7% o are children; 1,164 representing 79% were male, while 302, representing 21%, were female Nigerians.

The data also reflects that a total of 2,556 road crashes occurred in Q1 2017.

“Speed violation,” it stated, “ is reported as the major cause of road crashes in Q1 and it accounted for 42.69% of the total road crashes reported.

“Loss of control and dangerous driving followed closely as they both accounted for 12.73% and 7.34% of the total road crashes recorded.

It stated that a total of 8,672 Nigerians got injured in the road traffic crashes recorded during the period. A total of 8,151 of the injured, representing 94% , are said to be adults, while the remaining 521 Nigerians, representing 6% of the figure are children.

Of the injured victims, 6,422 , representing 74%, are male,  while 2,250, representing 26% are female.

The NBS data put estimated vehicle population in Nigeria as at the first quarter of  2017 at 11,458,370, of which Commercial vehicles accounted for 53.8%, private vehicles accounted for 44.5%, government vehicles accounted for 1.65 and diplomat vehicles accounted for 0.1%.

“With the total population of the country puts at 193,392,517 in 2016,” the report explained,  “Nigeria’s vehicle per population ratio is put 0.06.

“Data on the category of vehicles involved in road crashes in Q1 2017 reflected that 59% of vehicles are commercial (2,428), 40% are private (1,617), 1% are government (55) and the remaining are diplomat (3).”

According to the data, during the period under review, the nation’s capital, FCT, recorded the highest number of road crashes, closely followed by Kaduna and Niger States; while Borno and Bayelsa States recorded the least.

“A total of 220,736 national drivers licenses were produced in Q1 2017,” it stated,  adding, “ Lagos and FCT produced the highest number of drivers’ licenses,  while Yobe and Kebbi States produced the least numbers of national drivers’ license.”

Similarly, a total of 113,358 vehicle number plates were said to have been produced in the first quarter of 2017.

“Ebonyi and Anambra states produced the highest number of vehicle plate numbers while Lagos,” the data stated, “ and Sokoto States produced the least numbers of vehicle plate numbers in Q1 2017.”


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