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President Buhari Should Consider Solar Energy – Emeka Messiah Nwokeoma, Chairman and Managing Director Emesonic Electronics

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]peaking to Motoring World’s Correspondent, last week, in his Lagos office located along Adegbola Street, off Anifowose, Ikeja, Managing Director of Emesonic Electronics Technology Ltd, Mr. Nwokeoma lamented over ignorance of Nigerians about what he described as advanced and effective Solar energy. He voiced recommendations to the recently elected President Buhari’s government on how solar energy can be adopted to solve the nation’s epileptic power problem. He also sheds lights on advantages of solar and inverter over other power generation sources.


MW: Why Solar and Inverter when there are other sources of power supply?

Nwokeoma, Chairman/MD, Emesonic Electronics: "Most parts of Nigeria can be powered by solar energy"
Nwokeoma, Chairman/MD, Emesonic Electronics: “Most parts of Nigeria can be powered by solar energy”

Nwokeoma: Thank you very much for your question. First power supply in Nigeria is very bad. The state of the nation presently when we talk of power is nothing to write home about.  For power to be well supplied and stable in Nigeria, it will take time. All past governments tried their best, but up till now, none has been to see to it that every home in Nigeria has twenty four hours uninterrupted power supply. Honestly, corruption has destroyed the power sector.  And as such, it has become a no-go-area for any Government in power. So the best option now is for people to look into other available power sources, talking about Solar and Inverter, which are being used in advanced countries. And Nigeria too is advancing.

MW: So far, how do you view the markets for solar energy in Nigeria?

Nwokeoma: Solar and Inverter market in Nigeria is not large. A lot of Nigerians are very ignorant of the use of solar and inverter. At Emesonic Electronic Technology, we educate and tutor people on the use of solar power and inverter.

MW: Please shed more light on the use of both solar and inverter?

Nwokeoma: First let me say this for the sake of those reading this publication. Solar and inverter are very economical,


when it comes to the use and maintenance. The technology now in Solar and Inverter are very advanced. They operate automatically in style. They are super efficient OC to AC converter. No noise, no fuel and it is environmentally friendly. It guarantees 100% protection of all appliances in houses, offices and even towns and villages. They can be used anywhere. They have capacity of 24/7hours power backing systems. There is nothing like low current.

MW: For how long can both solar and inverter work if well charged?

Nwokeoma: As long as you want it. Depending on the size of your place, solar and inverter can work 24/7.

MW: What is your advice to Nigerians regarding the use of solar power?

Nwokeoma: I want to advise the present government of president Buhari to give solar a try as an alternative source of power supply. This is done in china, Hong Kong, Japan and even some parts of Europe. The technology is so good that most part of the country can be powered by Solar – Lagos to Ibadan, Port-Harcourt to Aba, and Kano to Maiduguri roads can be powered by solar. These are the things our government should think of. Power is a great source of good economy in any country.

MW: Finally Sir, where do you get your solar and inverter from

Nwokeoma: We are affiliated to solar power company in India, China, Korea and Japan. The products from these countries are very good.


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