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Lagos state police command have recovered a total of 19 vehicles suspected to have been stolen from different locations in Lagos State. The vehicles can be located at the stations mentioned against each of them as follows:

Period Recovered: 29th  December  2014 -8th January, 2015

MAKES OF VEHICLE                     REG NO                COLOUR       LOCATION

V\WAGEN VANAGON BUS             LSR 828 XJ                LSCC              ALAUSA DIV

TOYOTA CAMRY                             AGL 216 BE                   ASH                ISHERI DIV

TOYOTA CAMRY                             KTU 316 AZ                  GOLD             IBA P/POST

TOYOTA HIGHLANDER JEEP         APP 67 BR                N\BLUE          IKOTUN DIV

NISSAN  PRIMERA S\CAR              LND 283 DC               ASH                IGANDO DIV

TOYOTA CAMRY                             NB 406 AAA              ASH                AKINPELU

HONDA ACCORD                            BDG  185 BD              ASH                ASWANI DIV

HONDA ACCORD                            NM 391 AAA             ASH                GOWON ESTATE

TOYOTA CAMRY                             MUS 502 AW             BLACK           IPAKODO DIV

Period Recovered: 8th –14th   January, 2015

MAKES OF VEHICLE                     REG NO               COLOUR       LOCATION

HONDA IV TECH                              KSF 239 BG               BLACK             ANTHONY DIV

V\WAGON GULF                              GF 489 LSR                GREY              IPAKODO DIV

LEXUS JEEP                                       LSR 462 DB                BLACK           IGANDO  DIV

NISSAN PATHFINDER                     KRD 699 DD              BLACK           IGANDO DIV

TOYOTA SIENNA S\CAR                LSD 318 CQ               WHITE            R.R.S HQTRS

Period Recovered: 23rd– 29th  January

MAKES OF VEHICLE                     REG NO                     COLOUR       LOCATION

HONDA ACCORD                            KSF 544 CY               RED                 ISOKOKO DIV

TOYOTA  HIACE BUS                      GGE 449 CD               WHITE            IPAKODO DIV

TOYOYA CAMRY                            GE 415 LND               GREEN           IGANDO  DIV

Period Recovered: 29th January –5th February 2015

S\NO    MAKES OF VEHICLE        REG NO                     COLOUR       LOCATION

MAZDA 626  S/CAR                          CY 430 FST                 BLACK          ALAKARA DIV

TOYOTA SIENNA  S\CAR               GL 578  EKY              ASH                SABO DIV

Members of the public who have claims on these vehicles should please check at the police station mentioned against them with their original Claimants should Endeavour to check the engine numbers as the original registration numbers may have been tampered with.



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