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Mg 5:Most Exquisite Hatchback in Mid-Size Car Segment

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s barely three years when Coscharis Motors acquired the MG Franchise as the sole representative of the brand in Nigeria. Although the brand is relatively new in Nigeria, its rich historical heritage of over 90 years, leaves much to be desired. As one of the fastest growing brand in UK, MG recorded tremendous successes in the introduction of Hi-tech petrol and diesel engines across variants. Notable among the MG models is MG 5, the most exquisite European Hatchback in the mid-size car segment.


Endowed with sharp, smooth body lines and flowing body contours, the MG 5 combines the elegance of curves with the robustness of straight lines to strike a fine balance between dynamism and elegance. A streamlined, diver-style car body looks like a leopard about to strike. It can dash to the opposite end of the world in the blink of an eye.

The aerodynamic body lines provide MG 5 with extremely low drag coefficient. The super-low air resistance cannot only reduce aerodynamic drag but also boost fuel economy and improve handling stability. Additionally, its near perfect 50/50 axle load ratio improves handling performance and speed limit when cornering, which has accentuated the MG 5’s sporty body nature and demonstrate the sports car design craftsmanship that has endured over eighty years.

Boasting the longest wheelbase in its class, the MG 5 has a 2650mm extra-long wheel which ensures driver and passenger comfort.


The MG 5’s elegance can be felt everywhere, from its sleek surface to the high-tech texture dashboard, as well as the details in chrome decoration parts. Such refined workmanship sets MG 5 apart from the rest in the A-class segment, and it’s arguably the most exquisite hatchback in the mid-size car segment.

MG 5's Cosy Interior
MG 5’s elegant interior

What makes the MG 5 truly eye-catching is the meticulous workmanship apparent in every inch. Its imported, perforated Calfskin seats are reminiscent of the elegance of an English Knight, with a sense of impulse and adventure concealed beneath an aristocratic air; while its multi-purpose genuine Leather steering wheel also provides a sense of quality.


The MG 5 is equipped with a 1.5 litre fuel efficient, low emission engine, as well as a 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmissions.

A powerful engine is definitely the best means for a soul to free itself from conventional rules. 1.5 Hyper-boost engine and smart adaptive 6 speed AT-this power combination raises MG’s power performance to the level of 2.0 litre car across all ordinary vehicle classes. It provides greater pleasure and freedom for your driving pleasure. A powerful bi-thermostat independent dual-positioned multi-layered cooling system helps to achieve the ideal balance between temperature of the engine block and cylinder head, so that your head remains cool and efficient during intense driving. The vehicle is also equipped with a Dual Mass Flywheel, state-of-the-art features for high-end maintenance that can greatly improve general performance in shock absorption and noise reduction, bringing an unprecedented level of comfort to driving experience.

According to the manufacturer, MG 5 engine comes with high efficiency Smart 1.5 VTI-Tech engine, 6 speed manual transmissions.

The tough manual style in genuine British MG tuning creates a higher level of control sensitivity and stability. Even under extreme conditions; you can still retain your composure. Its paddle shifts originates from F1 race maintenance technology, a feature that gives feeling of racing on the Silverstone Circuit during intense driving experience and satisfying with the double joy of control and comfort during driving.

Safety and Equipment

In line with European standard and UK designs, MG 5 adopts the most double five star safety standard, namely the C-NCAP and the European pedestrian safety protection standard. With its re-enforced body, the car is extremely safe and durable while remaining light and agile. Its design is based on five star pedestrian protection standards, plus the titan-grade driver safety protection strategy, providing safety features everywhere.

A brand new generation of seven in one intelligent active safety systems and passive safety features (ABS/ESP/CBC/MSR/EBD/BAS/TCS) ensure that the safety of every passenger is fully ensured. All direction six SRA airbags, Front pretension seat belts with loading limiting system, Auto-dimming inner rear view mirror.

Technology brings about the people oriented care. The V-PDC holographic parking assistance system helps you control everything behind your car. A super quiet extreme silence NVH space prevents external noises from entering the vehicle.

The projector-type headlamps which shine like a pair of Lion’s eyes in the dark, is unique in its class, and adds to the beauty and active safety features of the car.


With cutting-edge design, refined style and Hi-tech features, MG 5 is tailor-made for IT elites and professionals as well as young buyers, who enjoy fashionable lifestyle and wish to show their distinctive personality.


Designed in the UK under the watch of SAIC’s global design Director, Tony Williams, MG 5 is aimed at a slightly more mature and sophisticated audience, that targets the A-class sports sedan segment. Launched in UK market in 2013 to compete with European small cars such as the Ford Focus, Vauxhall, Opel Astra, and Volkswagen Golf, the UK Cross-Class MG 5 Hatch-back combines the sporty character of a coupe with a functionality of a sedan.

According to Mathew Aje, Brand Manager, MG, “the MG 5 is ideal for both retail and fleet customers alike, and trendy car lovers can take advantage of the Coscharis Vehicle Finance Scheme which offers customers the opportunity to own any MG car of choice with a 10% down payment to either Access Bank or Stanbic IBTC Bank, and spread the rest for over 48 months”.

He Further explained that customers can also enjoy adequate after sales back-up, genuine spare parts, Finance Leasing, one Year Free Service, test drive, Free delivery to any parts of Nigeria and 3 years Warranty or 100,000 Kilometres, whichever comes first.



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