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Mercedes-Benz Records over 2.4 Million Vehicle Sales


Mercedes-Benz Group sold 2,491,600 vehicles in 2023 (+1.5%), despite supply-chain constraints.

In a statement released on Thursday, the German luxury vehicle maker attributed the sales increase to its focus on desirable cars and vans as well as on the electrification of its fleet.

According to Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Sales in 2023 show that Top-End Vehicles including Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class and Mercedes-AMG delivered their best-ever performance.

“Electric vehicle sales,” he said, “ continue to rise and particularly the new E-Class is being well received. Mercedes-Benz Vans also had their most successful sales so far. This year we will maintain our product momentum especially thanks to the electric G-Class, the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé and our new eSprinter.”

Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 2,043,800 units in 2023 as demand for superior products resulted in a rise of Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%) and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) to 328,200 Top-End Vehicles last year. An additional 60,000 V-class and EQV models were sold in 2023. In Q4 sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars reached 514,000 units, despite constrained product availability and included a 17% rise in Top-End Vehicles quarter-on-quarter.

Mercedes-Maybach sold 19% more vehicles in 2023, boosted by strong sales of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and S-Class versions in all key regions. In Q4 Mercedes-Maybach launched its all-electric EQS SUV[1] version in the U.S. market, ahead of its broader roll-out to other key regions in 2024. The rise in Mercedes-AMG sales (+4%) in 2023 included a 76% rise in high-performance battery electric vehicles.

Sales of the G-Class remained strong and once again increased by 11% in 2023 ahead of the introduction of the electric G this year. The S-Class remains the undisputed leader in its segment, retaining its market share with around 50% in all key regions.

Full-year sales in the Core segment reached 1,096,800 units (-2%) in 2023 mainly due to supplier bottlenecks and the model changeover to the new E-Class, which was introduced in China in December. Availability of the new GLC and E-Class was constrained in many markets due to a shortage of 48-Volt systems. The C-Class saw sales rise by 10% in 2023.

Entry segment sales reached 618,800 units (+4%) in 2023 driven by the strong demand of the EQA (+57%) and EQB (+109%).

Fully electric Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales rose by 73% during the year, to 222,600 units, equivalent to 11% of overall sales and 19% including plug-in hybrids. Sales of the EQE Sedan surged by 120% globally and BEV sales in the U.S. market more than doubled (+167%) driven by the new EQE SUV.

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