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Lagos Motor Fair Organizer Lauds FG’s CNG Initiative


The Managing Director, BKG Exhibitions Limited, Mr.Ifeanyi Agwu has commended the Federal Government programme on the conversion of vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), saying it is cleaner and cost effective.

Speaking to journalists at the Balmorals Place, Federal Palace Hotel where the 18th edition of Lagos Motor Fair is ongoing, he described CNG as the best.

He said: “With my personal experience, CNG is the way to go if we need to bring down inflation in Nigeria. Though, the Federal Government has been trying to promote CNG, we all must support the government in this area. That is why I am using event like this to advise Nigerians to adopt CNG.

“When fuel subsidy removal was biting hard, I changed my generator to gas. Trust me that engine hasn’t had any issue since then. If you pull it one hand, it will start.  This is one petrol engine that I had to call mechanic to repair after using it for a night. It keeps having issues but now with one pull, the generator starts.

‘’ Nobody did anything to the engine. It shows CNG cleaned the engine. I have not called any mechanic for the past six month. In addition to that, the amount of money spent on fueling my generator has reduced. A 12kg gas is about N14, 000 now. How many litre of petrol can N14, 000 buy? That is about 20 litres. 20 litres will barely take you one night but with gas, it will take me one week.

“Imagine what will happen when you have CNG in your vehicle, it definitely will clean the engine. I have even chosen to convert my vehicle to CNG.”

According to him, CNG, apart from reducing vehicular exhaust gas emissions and protecting the environment, lasts longer and keeps an engine running perfectly.

“People are missing and losing a lot of money every day by not adopting CNG,’’ he added.

On what the foreign exhibitors are contributing to Nigeria economy, Agwu said, ‘’they are offering a lot but everything balls down to our people and their understanding. Nigerians can take advantage of the opportunity offered through this platform.  They can partner with them to manufacture here or be their agents.

“Look at it another way, our hotels are presently fully booked.  Our vehicles are also being hired. Though, we may not be able to give the exact amount concerning  the tourist input of the exhibitors, none of them will spend less than $2,500 before leaving here. That is the minimum they will spend before leaving here. It is a huge boost to our economy.”

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