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Kia Calls on Nigerians to Patronize Made-In-Nigeria Vehicles

…Offers 5-year-Warrantee on Locally made Kia Rio


[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ia Nigeria has called on automobile buyers to support Nigeria’s economic recovery by buying cars made in Nigeria.

Kia plant based in Lagos, Nigeria

In a statement released on Wednesday, the company’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Olawale Jimoh, said although the recent federal government’s ban on used cars from the land borders was greeted with mix feelings, truth is that it will impact positively on the growth of the nation’s automobile industry, and ultimately accelerate the nation’s economic growth.

“The indisputable effect of this ban,” Kia Marketing Manager stressed, “is the positive impact on the growth of the industry through the backward integration, provision of employments and setting up of other ancillary manufacturers in the industry.

Olawale recalled that, prior to the decadence in the industry ushered in by the unabated influx of used cars, the country used to be a hub for the automobile industry in West Africa with made in Nigeria cars,.

“However,” he stated, “due to economic instability occasioned by unstable policy by the governments, the industry was brought to its knees and stayed too long in the murky waters of ‘Tokunbo’ cars, thereby running the hitherto viable industry aground.

“In the advent of the new auto policy, there was a palpable fear from the stakeholders due to the previous instability of economic policies in the country.

“The fear was heightened, following a change in government, however, the current administration not only upheld the policy but further strengthened it to help grow the local industry and diversify the economy from an import dependent to an export-oriented economy.”

Olawale assured that the nation’s auto policy has begun to yield quite a number of gains, as local manufacturers are now producing made in Nigeria cars, among which  is the Kia Rio.

“Sequel to the production of made in Nigeria cars and its resultant positive outlook on the growth of the country’s GDP,” he stressed, “ it’s safe to state that the ban on the imported used car will not only rid our roads of heavy pollutant vehicles but help grow our economy by making it a manufacturing hub in Africa.”

He described made-in-Nigeria Kia Rio, as a true reflection of innovative stride in the automotive engineering, adding that it was “adjudged the best in its class with the top of the segment features it brings to the fore.”

To encourage Nigerians to look inward and take advantage of the essence of the nation’s auto policy, therefore, Kia Nigeria announced offers of 5-year warrantee with other competitive deals on its locally assembled Kia Rio.

The company’s marketing manager explained: “Kia Rio’s affordability, low cost of ownership and high performance sets it apart from its peers and remains the best option to both the imported used cars and other new cars in its segment.

“A subcompact car with high-quality design, responsive 6-speed transmission and a decent powertrain, the stylish Kia Rio’s design is streamlined and powered to perfection to strike attention on Nigeria roads and give a smooth drivetrain on the go.

“Tailored to the preference of the Nigerian customers, the Kia Rio is sporty and yet roomy with a generous cargo space. As a truly made for Nigeria car, the Rio darts across the city, over speed humps and across lumpy surfaces, and always feels firm but comfortable, and well controlled. In terms of the drive and its spacious interior, the Kia Rio remains largely impressive.”

Kia also encouraged Nigerians to upgrade from buying imported used vehicles to brand new car made in Nigeria, citing Kia Rio as an example.

He added: “They are safer, because they are tropicalized, unlike imported used vehicles, of which ownership or accident history is unknown.

“The warranty on new cars will also help protect the interest of car owners in Nigeria, hence, the Kia Rio remains the only preferable option as it’s not only tropicalized for the country, but also offers the longest warranty cover for a car, 5 years.”

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