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Inazuma: Motorcycle Likened to an SUV


logo[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f there is any car that Nigerian auto freaks dream of, it is the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Most of the auto freaks interviewed few months back told me about their readiness to add SUVs to their fleet of cars as soon as they can afford it. Their impression of SUVs is that they are bigger, have more engine power, roomier, more reliable and most especially, feel at home when driven off the road.

True. In Nigeria especially, what comes to mind, when you mention off-roader is an SUV. Not many Nigerians could imagine existence of an off-road motorbike.  But it exists in the country, courtesy of Boulos Enterprises Limited.

The General Sales and Marketing Enterprises, Stanley Evans, once told Motoring World that Boulos is “ready to satisfy the yearnings of bike riders, who like to have an off-roader motor bike”. He said the organization “now has Suzuki DR 200 SA, which is a kind of bike you can take off road.”

Inazuma F Power House
Inazuma’s inline two-cylinder engine

According to him, the bike has specially constructed wire-wheel, flexible wheel not very good on the road, because the flex on the bump of the road, but very good off road.

“It is designed for off-road, very good for recreation”, he said.

Of the few off-road motorbikes Evans spoke about, the one that really struck me like thunderbolt is Suzuki Inazuma F, a name derived from Japanese word for “lightening”. The Inazuma F is a perfect machine for all those, who demand all round performance and compatibility for daily commuting and weekend touring. What actually make this off-road motorcycle unique are its feature, especially stying, engine, ride and handling as well as sitting comfort.

Inazuma’s Design concept

Inazuma F is designed with wind tunnel tested. The front coll provides the bike with a powerful look and sharp lines that flow back to the tail coll. Ducts in the coll are strategically located allowing heat to escape efficiently and shield the rider from engine heat, lessoning the fatigue on the rider. The coll provides greater riding comfort, whether you are riding in the city, on the highway or down windy roads.


Refined with tunnel testing, its windscreen is shaped provide the rider with greater wind protection to reduce riding fatigue. It also gives the bike a very sporty look, while creating a more comfortable riding environment.

Inazuma F Instrument dial
Inazuma’s instrument cluster


Its dual chromed head-pipes carry exhausts through a system that meets Euro-3 emission regulations; ending at the long and low chromed mufflers astride the bike’s rear wheel.

Power Plant

The Inazuma F (BW250 F), with an overall length of 20145mm, width: 790mm and height: 1255m, has inline two-cylinder engine design, which makes a light-weight and compact power plant that produces the perfect low and mid-range punch for powering urban areas and open roads. Its liquid cooling helps keep the bike in the optimum performance zone, no matter the conditions.

Handling and Ride

Apart from looking great, the all-black handle bars offer a comfortable and relaxed riding position with a high degree of freedom. And great care has been taken to make its braking system easy and effective for a rider. Its front brake lever is designed with five step adjustable reach that lets you change the setting to fit your hand size.


Inazuma F 3The instrument cluster features a large tachometer at its centre with a group of highly visible LED warning lights for water temperature, oil pressure plus neutral and high beam indicators positioned to its left. On the right side is a large LCD displaying readouts for speed, fuel, odometer, dual trip metres, gear position, maintenance intervals and clock. The engine rpm indicator flashes or lights when engine revs reach a preset value. The rider can define both the engine rpm value and hoe the indicator lights.


The seat has a contour that rises from its slim union with the fuel tank to a raised passenger platform. This provides for comfortable and controlled sitting, with a low 780mm seat height, while blending with the motorcycle stylish appeal. The silver finish passenger grab bar adds a comfortable hold for tandem rides and serves upstyle when riding solo. The stylish aluminium grab bar is large and easy to grip for the rear passenger.

Last Words

What’s more? Inazuma is more than a mere motorbike. It’s a bike capable of ruling the jungle. It can reach where an SUV car may not be able to reach. Seeing it physically, its look strikes like lightening. A closer look reveals phenomena of a bike, which delivers beyond expectation. More powerful appeal. More stylish impact. More high quality finish. And more impressive engineering that would seem impossible from a motorcycle of its size.




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