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Why I Like Small Cars – Deji Badejo, Head of External Relations, Lagos State Ministry of Environment

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o many Nigerians, an SUV is the ultimate, especially when it comes to the choice of automobile or even a dream car. Judging by the choice of the nation’s Senators and certain States’ parliamentarians, one hardly expects a civil servant or government functionary to dream of anything less than an SUV.

But one man, who thinks otherwise, is Mr. Deji Badejo, head of External Relations, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, who led his ministry’s delegation to the Boulos-organized Beach cleaning exercise, held at Folu village community, Ibeju- Lekki, preceding week.

In an exclusive chat with Motoring Wold International (MOWI) Lagos Bureau Chief, ROTIMI ASHER, at the occasion, Badejo ruled out having such big dream for executive off – road cars like the SUV. He said he prefers the minis and explained why.


What kind of car do you drive?

Badejo at Boulos Beach Cleaning exercise held at Folu village community, Ibeju- Lekki, last week

Currently, I have a Honda car and also a Peugeot. Those are the two cars. The Honda is a four wheel drive while the Peugeot is a saloon car?

What makes you like the cars?

I won’t lie to you; I cannot not really say why I like them. The ones that I have are good and the parts are available.

Do you have a dream car?

En….I won’t say dream car as you said, but I like small cars. I don’t know if you know the size of a Peugeot 206, I like small cars like that, instead of Jeep or Saloon car. I like small car.

Do you have a particular brand of small car in mind?

I think I will prefer Toyota. I think i have used Toyota before. It is okay. If i can get small Toyota, i won’t mind.

Why do you like small cars?

Because they are smart. I like small cars because they are smart. If you look at Nigeria roads, you will find out that small cars are the best for our kind of roads. Small cars are conservative. They are not loud.

Does your wife have small car like yours?

No, she like big cars, the four wheels drive cars like jeep. I think she has Isuzu.

When did you start driving?

Ah, I learnt driving through my parents, long time ago

That means you come from a rich home?

Not very rich, at least my father and mother had a car each.

How old were you when you learnt how to drive?

I will say I was 14 or 15 years.

What kind of bad driving experience have you had, I mean, like accident?

Not really, except the normal experience with Okada or commercial drivers when they scratch your car. Apart from that, I have not really had an accident with a car.

Peugeot 206, a typical “small car” Deji Badejo loves to own and drive

Are you then a conservative person?

Yes, maybe that is why I like small cars. I really like small cars. Even when I go to party, it is so easy to pack.

How do you then spend your spare times?

I am a very busy person, so my relaxation is almost everyday. After work, I just drive to one bar, take one or two bottles, go home and sleep. I don’t really have a free day apart from Sunday. I have to go

to church, do some activities in church after which I go back home to sleep. I sleep in time on Sundays, in preparation for work, on Monday.

How many wives do you have?

Ah, wives ke? Just one o, and four children.


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