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How to Protect Your Car from Wear

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy is it possible for two people to acquire cars of the same brand and model at the same time and one would wear out faster than the other? The answer lies mostly on driving habit as well as maintenance culture. No matter what brand of model you acquire, you can reduce wearing out your vehicle by imbibing the following precautions…


Follow manufacture’s specification as regards service intervals.

Use recommended engine oil, which contains the right addictives and of recommended API (American Petroleum Society) rating.

Source genuine break fluid, plugs, air and fuel filters, which are key components for the maximum performance of the engine.

Very important, ensure that oil filter is replaced each time you do engine oil change

When Parking Your Vehicle

Many drivers are in the habit of securing their parked vehicles by keeping then in gear or “P” in case of Automatic car. This kind of practice will only make your gear box to wear out or damage soonest. It is even worse to secure a car parked on a hill by keeping it on gear. Use parking brake wherever and whenever your car is parked. And if your handbrake is no more effective, repair it. It is cheaper to mend your handbrake than repairing or replacing a worn out gearbox.

Listing to Sounds

Just as a child would cry whenever something is wrong, your car will, most of the time, make an odd noise, whenever something is not right. Therefore, it is important to be attentive whenever you start you car or you are on motion. As soon as you hear an odd sound, find out where the sound is coming from. And if it’s something you can’t fix, take it to your mechanic soonest.

Take Note Dashboard Indicators

The dashboard of your car is full of various indicators, by which you would instantly notice a serious problem. For instance, if your engine oil is too low or the engine is overheating or your break pad is worn out or airbag is defected, dashboard indicators will tell you.

Shifting from Forward to Reverse Gear

Just because they are in a hurry, some motorists are in habit of shifting from forward to reverse gear or vice-versa. Such a driving habit will lead to quick wearing of your transmission, clutch, pressure plate and bearing or, in case of automatic car, damage of transmission’s internal mechanism

Rotate your tires periodically

Changing tire position is very important in reducing their uneven wearing, thus extending their lifespan. The recommended rotation cycle is twice a year or every 9.000 – 10.000 km driven.

Tire rotation is generally made diagonally: the front right tire is switched with the back left tire and the front left tire is switched with the back right tire. Pay attention to your car’s drive-train and to the tire type.

Wash your car regularly

Pollution, dust and mud can lead to a pronounced wear of your car’s exterior. Rust generally appears at sill levels because of mud or non-skid materials found on the road in winter.

Regularly visit the carwash or (in case you have the possibility and you like doing it) you can wash your car yourself and you will not only have a nice looking car all the time, but you will also offer long term protection from wearing.


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