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How to Confirm if Your Insurance Policy is Genuine

Genuine-shutterstock_453136871-400x225[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very genuine auto insurance policy is recorded in the nation’s central insurance industry data base. That is why few hours after registering for a third party insurance, an insured person received a confirmation alert on his or her phone. Shortly before expiration of same policy, a text alert is also received.

To confirm whether or not an insurance policy is fake or genuine, all a motorist needs to do is

  1. Log on to: http://askniid.org/checkpolicy.aspx
  2. Under CheckPolicy section, enter your vehicle’s registration number and click search. If your policy is fake or you have none, you will receive a response, written in RED, which reads: “Your policy is not found!!!”

But if you have a genuine policy, response you will receive are details of your vehicle, including Owners name, Chassis Number, Beginning and Expity date of your insurance and more.

You may also verify your policy number by sending an SMS to 33125 in the following format: Policy number*Vehicle plate number Eg. OIN/098/201401*ABC567CD to 33125


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