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Ford Research Unravels Motorists’ Preferred Cupholder Design

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t Ford, every detail counts, and customer experiences are uppermost. Jolanta Coffey, Instrument Panel and Console Manager, revealed and says that was why the frontline automaker has set out to research how to give its cupholder a gorgeous new look that will be more appealing to the numerous users of their vehicles.

At the end of their search, the auto maker is done to give their numerous customers a new look cupholder facility for their ultimate pleasure that will make them feel like being in the cosy of the home while driving.

Jolanta admits that “being dissatisfied with your cupholder may be a minor annoyance, but it’s a daily one that detracts from the overall car experience over time, but, on the other hand, when you like your cupholder and it works well for you, it can make your vehicle feel like home.”

However, she further disclosed the content of the auto company’s Research findings on the cupholder and users choice.

F-150 Harley-Davidson cupholder
F-150 Harley-Davidson cupholders

In the U.S.A People say drinks in bottles reign supreme. So the bottles win big. New Nielsen surveys show that 79 percent of Americans say they use the cupholders for bottles, with 52 percent of the majority confirming they typically use cupholders for cups of coffee and tea. Ford’s research’s detailed analysis agree with the fact that their American customers, more than elsewhere in the world use large soft-drink cups, and are much likelier to drink on the go, which is clearly different  in Asia, where it’s common practise for people to bring wide tea bottles into their vehicles.

It was also discovered that given the range of possible arm lengths and seat positions in the vehicle, People value cupholders that are within effortless reach. So to put customers’ satisfaction within their reach, Ford has studied driver ergonomics, in order to balance the needs of as many drivers as possible and has successfully included it in their master plan. Expertly, Ford designers are experimenting the perfect place to place the new cupholders, so that they are within easy reach for at least 95 percent of their customers.

2016 Ford F-150's interior, showing cupholder
2016 Ford F-150’s interior, showing cupholder

The conclusive research also have it that among the non-beverage items placed in cupholders, phones are by far the most common items placed in it, for driver’s easier reach. Roughly half of those surveyed said they use their cupholder to store their mobile device; and followed by 28 percent who admitted they use it for loose fractions of money. Food is also placed in cupholders according to 19 percent of respondents, while 14 percent consent to using it for chewing gum or mints, while 12 percent for wallets. Millennials and teens are however, more likely to use cupholders for non-beverage items than older drivers.

Some cupholders can be roomy enough for an extra-large cup, yet capable of holding a skinny bottle without it tipping over. Ford again did its homework, for the first time using its tactical RUTH robotics to test cupholders, in order to ensure that the spring-loaded resistance grips within them meet customer preferences. RUTH

measured things like how much effort it takes to insert a bottle, and how much tension the grips exert when a cup is pushed down into the holder.

Nonetheless, it was concluded that cupholders must be deep enough to hold tall containers, but shallow for smaller cups. Ford has also found out that most cups fall between three basic scenarios, namely: the average half-litre recyclable water bottle; the 340ml can, which is used mostly for soft-drinks; and the large 750ml paper cup commonly found at many fast-food restaurants, meaning that if a cupholder is able to comfortably hold all three categories, it is also likely to hold almost any other cup.

Regardless of where they are in the world or what they like to store in their cupholders, Ford knows that for its drivers the lowly cupholder is a key consideration.

And so it remains an important aspect of interior design at Ford, and will continue to receive much thoughts and attention. The cupholder is seemingly small convenience which is so important to customers.

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