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Ford Odyssey 2015: The Cheers and the Tears

Although last weekend marked the height of the on-going Ford Ranger Odyssey Contest, it was a weekend of anticipation and indeed of pain and pleasure for participating Nigerians, both of who were initially eliminated, only for one to later return, Motoring World’s Senior Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER reports

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom last Friday, this year’s 13-day Ford Odyssey adventure in Namibia was getting close to its height and so among participants, adrenaline was reaching its pick. It was more-so for Nigerian participants, Ugochukwu Onuiri and Moyo Fawole, both of who were eliminated on Friday only for Fawole to be returned, following a passage of vote of confidence by fellow participants. But Onuiri did not enjoy similar favour. Decision on him and three others remained.

qzaqmfoo_idyOnuiri, who picked ticket number one, following the preliminary elimination test conducted at Coscharis 4×4 test Centre in Lagos, made it with three others to South Africa.

Out of the four, only two made it to Namibia. On Saturday, 15 surviving participants continued the journey, testing their driving skills in the rocky terrain as well as the soft sand of the numerous river bed sections through the Ugab River in Namibia and scenery along the route to the overnight camp at Brandberg – Namibia’s highest mountain, which participants decribe as being out-of-this-world.

It was made all the more special following an encounter with a female desert elephant and her calf! Everyone arrived at Brandberg camp completely elated and energized, all ready to set up camp for the night. mxzcdrg4_nyuca5zgh4i_fllctyno0td_fpjWhereas DAY 8-4yesterday, Sunday, which happened to be last full day of Ranger Odyssey 2015, Fawole with 14 others, participated in early morning tug-of-war. With the competition drawing rapidly to a close, all the competitors put on their game face and endured their last rounds of practical tests on vehicle recovery and preparation followed by a tracking exercise and Jacobus Muller was announced as winner for humanitarian project. The event, which still continues today, ends tomorrow, Tuesday.

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