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Five Astonishing Cars at 2016 Paris Motor Show

Renault Treznor, looks fruity, isn’t it?


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]lthough, with four exhibition days already gone in the 2016 Paris Motor Show, French automakers that are known for getting really creative with their concept car designs seem to be rattled on home turf with the class of designs on parade by their visitors, one machine that the French leading auto maker, Renault rolled into the show is not what any visitor would forget soon.

While most French brands have maintained simplistic class, other automakers seem to be making a clear statement with hyper aggressive designs, which, despite not disappointing, the French manufacturers and auto enthusiasts would be wandering over the rate at which technology is baptizing the global auto industry.

quoteNot even any of those manufacturers, which pulled out of the show in the last minute could have degraded the competition provided by the likes of Hyundai or Renault. This is candid speaking with this writer’s taste in cars.

While the troubled Volkswagen pulled out some of its cars from the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the German manufacturer’s presence at the parade of cars has been highly applauded and with its Volkswagen I.D., the German auto maker seems to be announcing to the rest of the world a determined focus to create a new identity, especially coming from the emission palaver.

Volkswagen I.D. concept is turning out to be a huge revelation in the Paris show. Indeed, from Volkswagen Group’s exhibits, show visitors can clearly envisage how future electric cars from the giant German auto manufacturer will look.

Lexus UX
Lexus UX

The VW I.D concept, according to its rebranding maker, is powered by an electric motor with 167 horsepower and has a driving range of about  248 miles, which translates to about 400 kilometers to 372 miles, also within the range of 600 km.

Though, despite not likely to make the top three cars on parade chat, the VW I.D is definitely an exotic car choice; no glamorous car freak can wink by without taking a second look at it. From design to finish, down to its interior, the VW I.D is sure to create a new modest identity for not only Volkswagen but German auto industry.

The same thing applies to Hyundai with its RN30 concept, which is no less exciting, because it previews what the Korean automaker’s N performance brand has in store.

Hyundai RN30
Hyundai RN30

Hyundai does not have a performance car yet that the Genesis Coupe has been discontinued, so RN30 gives a best look at the car that will soon carry that flame. This aggressive-looking concept is powered by high-performance turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which is actually under development for N production models, but electrifying at a first glance, with style, colour, finesse and dazzle.

The Lexus UX is another exotic car making the difference at the biennial event. It s polarizing concept this year endears participants at the show to its extreme design. With the kind of flamboyance and creativity capable to seduce just anybody admiring it, Lexus UX can pass for an elegance seductress bewitching passers-by with taunting magical looks. You don’t have a choice than get stalked under the majesty’s hypnotism. Yes, that is the right word, this Lexus UX can hypnotise any customer and cajole him to change his mind thoughtlessly.

At this years Motor Show, the Japanese maker of Lexus UX is making a more aggressive and angular innovation into concept that takes the ordinary Japanese car styling to the next level. The interior is even crazier than the outside, with a design that looks inspired by aliens (the extra-terrestrial).

However, in all the French cars parading at the show, the Citroen Cxperience brings the respite to the local auto industry. Citroen debuted a funky-looking wagon concept called the CXperience in Paris. And the coolest features are the suicide doors and the unique yellow interior that is contrasted by walnut trim. The Citroen Cxperience concept is a plug-in hybrid with a 300-hp output and has a zero-emissions range of 37 miles.

Marvellous, isn’t it?

Citroen C Xperience
Citroen C Xperience

Volkswagen ID
Volkswagen ID

Normally, the French auto maker has a more simplistic styling, but the Citroen Experience provides a unique attempt to do something different from the ordinary country style.

All the same, the more remarkable thing is that the Citroen Cxperience design mixes elements of wagons and sedans, but it somehow works and was drawing quite the crowd at the Paris show.

Suffice it to say, all these other cars are doing very great in the eyes of participants , but a car is just being so magical in captivating every one’s attention, even more the patronage. Down in Nigeria and perhaps, in other more developed parts of Africa, this car could be almost unnoticeable, except a relation or a country boy returns from Europe with it. Even at that, it’s almost certain that even car thieves won’t be too interested or serious about it.

This is presenting to you, Renault Treznor. It is not just a car, from the Motoring World International angle, Renault Treznor is phenomenal. It is easily sited the most unique and stunning concept car at this year’s Motor Show.

efula-abbahWhen investigated about this exceptional car, we found out that the Renault Treznor made its global debut in Paris. “The concept’s proportions are classic” as a journalist puts it and it looks good from every angle.

One of the coolest features, however, is how you get into the car. The entire top canopy including the wraparound red windshield lifts and moves backwards and you climb in. The French automaker says this concept is all-electric and can be driven fully autonomously.

The Renault Treznor’s Power output is rated at 350 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. It is simply, the show’s most outstanding discovery.

Sure like to ride in it.


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