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Fighting Car Theft: Car Tracker Launches Bluetooth Vibration Sensor

Car tracker and alert system Carlock has unveiled its latest weapon against car theft: the bluetooth Vibration Sensor add-on, a groundbreaking advancement for the already acclaimed CarLock car security system.

CarLock’s tracker and alarm lets users easily track any car – through smart alerts via a mobile app. Users are immediately notified whenever an unusual movement is detected, the engine is started or if the vehicle is leaving a specific area.

The new Vibration Sensor add-on brings an additional layer of security for winter. It will alert users of any unusual vibrations in a specific area of the car, such as those caused by someone trying to break into a vehicle, instantly. Small and easy to fix, the sensor brings an even greater degree of targeted protection to a CarLock protected vehicle and allows users to take immediate action before a thief can gain access.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Matej Peršolja, says that the add-on was created after listening to valuable feedback from clients, who wanted a product that would be even more precise, detailed, and accurate when notifying them of an attempted break-in before the vehicle is even moved.

He said, “The Vibration Sensor is a remarkable addition to the CarLock ecosystem. It offers even greater peace of mind thanks to its ability to detect abnormal vibrations within a 20-foot bluetooth radius of any vehicle with the CarLock device installed. Users will receive real-time alerts about suspicious vibrations in or around their car on their smartphone through the CarLock app, giving complete confidence in the security of any vehicle. With data showing that attempted car thefts increase by 25% during the winter months, there’s never been a better time to take additional preventative measures.”

Discreet, easy to install, and working seamlessly with both, the OBD CarLock tracker and the Basic CarLock tracker, Vibration Sensor is the ideal solution to safeguard valuable possessions and the vehicle itself. It’s triggered if a vibration is detected in a specific area, such as any unauthorised attempt to open the boot or a door. Bringing even greater value and usefulness, the Vibration Sensor can additionally be mounted on an object close to the car, such as an eBike, and will still trigger a notification if a vibration is detected.

CarLock uses state of the art GPS technology to provide a remote, all-inclusive security solution which notifies users of tampering or theft of their vehicle. The CarLock device is simply plugged into the diagnostic port or installed on the vehicle’s battery and emits a constant signal to the CarLock Cloud. This can then be picked up through the installation of a smartphone application, giving car owners the power to monitor the location of their vehicle at all times. CarLock is significantly more effective than traditional car alarms which tend to be ignored.

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