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Cars that Talk: Find out Incredible Possibilities aboard Software-Defined Vehicles

In-car payments and cars that communicate are becoming possible with software-defined vehicles (SDVs), enhancing experiences within the car.

Cars are becoming not just a means to travel but a base that uses smart qualities to integrate work and lifestyle into the vehicle.

Out and about

Taking the car shopping will be made possible with the installment of third-party apps enabling registration recognition and address association. Going through a drive-through for a snack could be even more convenient, with no stretching out to tap bank cards or phones, as payments can be charged to the car. For security, fingerprint authentication or pin requests might be required from the car’s display to authorize the payment, allowing the driver to access all they might need from within the vehicle.


Powerful in-car computers can make these exciting features possible, with people waking up to an upgraded car overnight. With the car’s smartphone app, drivers could receive a notification when the over-the-air software update is completed, updated with new screen customizations and technological improvements for an enhanced relationship between the car and its driver. The car could even greet passengers with AI-enhanced human-like speaking abilities for a more personal interaction.

Asking the car to change the route or add a stop could be done hands-free. Detailed navigation is another software feature to be improved by over-the-air updates; with the use of larger screens, maps will be easy to read, and journey times and traffic updates will be more precise, giving the car multifaceted reliability and increased ease of use.

Games on the go

Some SDVs have even been designed with the option to play games with an Xbox controller within the car, magnifying the possibilities of what powerful software updates can do. At CES 2023, BMW demoed users playing games on the BMW i7’s 32-inch screen, installed via an over-the-air update. IDTechEx predicts that just over 80% of SDVs will have in-vehicle entertainment by 2034, meaning this feature will be even more accessible.

On-the-road working

Days spent traveling for work won’t mean missing out on meetings. With larger automotive displays and fantastic data connection, emails can be checked, and calls can be joined all from one place while on the move. The same voice assistant that will be able to greet passengers and take instructions could also respond to questions, join calls touch-free, and sieve through emails and messages quickly. With self-driving qualities being developed within vehicles simultaneously, safety won’t be an issue. By 2034, it is predicted that 100% of SDV vehicles will have cellular connectivity, and almost all vehicles will have Wi-Fi availability, meaning working from the car on the move will be easy.

Software-defined vehicles bring new excitement and depth to technology that is commonly used every day. Having the option to change the colors of the car’s screens and pay for coffee without opening the window means the difference of an extra level of comfort. Communication with the car with as little as a vocal request allows passengers to work and travel with ease and flexibility.

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