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Auto Clinic: What Should I do to my Noisy Car Brake?


Dear Editor,

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] drive a Toyota Corolla 2009 model. I bought it second-hand just about two years ago.  I stay in Ibafo, Ogun State and drive Monday to Friday to Lagos Island, where I work.

For the past one month, each time I apply the brake, it makes noise, though it works.  I am concerned about it. Am I about to have brake problem or is anything else causing the noise?

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Docas Adegbemi

docasladeade[email protected]


Dear Mrs Adegbemi,

Thank you for this very important question. Noisy brakes can be caused by a number of factors. Very first thing that comes to mind is worn out brake. When last did you have your brake pads checked? If one or more of your brake pads are worn out, your best bet is to get it fixed immediately. Otherwise, it is risky.

To be honest with you, please take the car to a standard workshop for a check immediately. Brake problem is not something to manage.

By the time your mechanic checks the brake; your pads might not bee worn. One or more brake pads might simply be loose, which is still risky. Get it sorted by your mechanic before it gets worse. Another possible cause of the noise could be accumulation of dusts inside the brak drum. Let me warn. To inhale brake dusts can be hazardous to health. So for whatever it is that causes the noise, whenever you apply your car’s brake, please stop driving it about. Take it to an auto surviving centre, for diagnose and repair.

That will be it on this week’s edition of Auto Clinic, as brought to your every Monday by Motoring World International magazine. Join me again next Monday for another interesting answer to many letters mailed to the clinic.

And dear motorists, be reminded that in case you experience any intractable motoring problem from your automobile? For an explanation, solution or guide, send me an email, indicating the brand, model and manufacturing year of the vehicle. Please give as much explanation as you can about the problem.

And before you leave your home in the morning or embark on any long distance trip, check your tyres, ensuring there is no over-inflation or under-inflation. And also ensure you are not driving on expired tyres.

Be safety conscious.

Send your mails to: [email protected]


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