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Vision: Nigeria Likened to a Wrecked Vintage Car…The Right Renovator?


It is an election season in Nigeria; a nation like no other. People from all walks of life are concerned. The poor, the rich, even those in Diaspora, the international community, all have their eyes on Nigeria. What is it about Nigeria? 

Having the forgoing thoughts, while having a cup of tea on Thursday morning, my subconscious mind went into action. I saw a vision of Nigeria likened to a Vintage car found in a barn covered in the debris of time and neglect. The vision revolves around what Nigeria was, what she is and, with the right leadership, what it shall be. Its real potential, not emotional claptrap.

According to the vision, it would take a true enthusiast to see the real beauty and potential before him. So in my vision, I saw that same true enthusiast carefully removes the vintage wreck (Nigeria) out into the open to appraise what needs to be done. He carefully lifts the bonnet covering the engine and peers inside.  He sees hope of what was to be, not what he sees before him. He could see the gleaming finished product, the beauty, the elegance of the style. He knows he cannot all by himself do all that is needed to put the car back on the road. But he knows those who can. He knows how to locate them.

But first he must see if he can get the engine to fire. The rats (past corrupt leaders) might have chewed the seats and body linings. Rust may have put holes in the bodywork.

But as far as he can see, the chassis is sound and the engine is complete. So he cleans the plugs and checks vital connections. Next, he drains the engine oil and adds fresh oil. He puts water in the radiator and pours some petrol into the fuel tank.

So far; so good; no leaks; the corruption to the body works can be mended. He knows that, given time, all will be well.

His neighbours came to look. Some are jealous of his find. Some deride it. But he knows what a gem he has. Some even nick the wheels to make it impossible to fix. But he carries on. He brought in the experts he knows can help. Knowing what is in front of them, the latter are pleased to assist.

Once the engine is ticking over, he knows that is half the battle, the rest can be left to those, who have the knowledge to repair the bodywork and any other thing to bring back to life something of beauty. He also knows he may not be around to see it finished, but those he has entrusted it to will see it through to fruition. He saw. He dreamt that it was possible. He knows there will be many years of work.

He knows that there will be those that will be-little him, asking: “Haven’t you finished yet? How long have you been on this your renovation? And more. But to this enthusiast, when something is worth it, time means nothing. Doing something properly to preserve and nurture is all; the result will be beauty that all can enjoy and appreciate.

In the end, the wreck from the barn will be worth far more than a newly manufactured machine on display in a showroom. It will be desired all around the world as a unique and worthy of attention; a thing of beauty and style.

Readers, especially Nigerians in and outside the country, what could you deduce from this vision? Do you think it has begun? Maybe.

Editorial Director, Motoring World Intl.

But, for those of you who see Nigeria as a wreck, look again and be humble. For those who see potential, carry on, no matter what.


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