Cross section of customers who witnessed the unveiling of the Porsche Cayenne in Lagos

How Porsche Lovers Celebrated Arrival of New Cayenne in Nigeria

The third generation Cayenne was last week presented to the local Porsche enthusiasts, who gathered at the iconic brand’s showroom in Lagos to welcome the re-engineered Cayenne into the family, seventeen years since it debuted as the dominant on/off roader with four doors in the German automaker’s staple.

Held in partnership with Remy Cointreau, marketers of Remy Martin brand of cognacs, the Cayenne drew large followership from far and near to witness the unveiling of Porsche’s most successful flagship SUV with unprecedented 8-speed Tiptronic S gearbox mated to a six-cylinder turbo engine that delvers 450Nm of torque and 340bhp.

Porsche fans admire the beauty of the new Cayenne at the inaugural launch

A customer caresses the superfluity of the Cayenne dash


One by one, the Porsche fans gathered.And by 7.30pm, Thursday 25 April 2019, the showroom had been transmuted to a hive of the crème de la crème, hobnobbing, networking and exchanging pleasantries in ways that validates an existing bond amongst a congregation of six figure earners.

As they moved and swayed to the classical music vibes in the light emitting diodelighted-showroom, the Porsche fans waited eagerly for the unveiling in partnership with Remy Martin that later initiated the toast to the event.

Porsche fans sample the totality of the ingridents used in making the XO variant of Remi Martin cognac

No sooner Remy Martin’s XO (Extra Old) Brand Ambassador Nigeria Stephen Jimba was done with the tribute than the Porsche Centre Lagos General Manager Anurag Shah in company of the Sales Manager Josephine Nwosu walked to the podium to unveil the Launch Model.

The crowd was ecstatic with rapturous cheers just as Anurag invited everyone to take detail assessment of the new Cayenne, which he said was Porsche’s most popular model in Nigeria.

“I have no doubt that the third generation Cayenne, which offers even more sports car performance and practicality will continue the success story of its predecessors,” Anurag said.



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