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Motoring Journo, Jeremy Clarkson’s Suspension


as Fans Call For Boycott of BBC Channel





More than 800 people have signed an online petition calling on BBC to reinstate Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. The petition was set up last Tuesday by political blogger, Guido Fawkes. BBC last week announced that Clarkson had been suspended  following  a fracas during which he allegedly smacked a producer


CLARKSON: Is Topgear about to sink?
CLARKSON: Is Topgear about to sink?

Meanwhile aside the online petitioners, hundreds other Top Gear Fans have flooded internet with various tones of campaign against suspension of Clarkson, who has presented Top Gear since 2002.


While many viewers, who are mainly fans of 54-year-old Clarkson, believed that the alleged offence which led to Clarkson’s suspension happened due to BBC’s poor management of talented presenters, others believe the BBC management should find a way of settling the matter amicably without taking any action that would deny millions of  viewers around the world, who are addicted to watching Top gear presented by Clarkson.


Some are even calling on fans to boycott watching BBC if their call for reinstatement of the presented is not yielded. Below are few samples of such protests and comments from millions of Top Gear viewers around the world:


Coventin: “Only Clarkson could review correctly those little cars”.


Eff Irsay says Clarkson is his idol, adding, “When faced with difficult situation, I always ask myself, ‘What would Clarkson do?'”


Mr. JC22173 wrote, “I know Jeremy would have a lot of fun after the P50”.

CLARKSON cruising in his experimental P45
CLARKSON cruising in his experimental P45


Frank Scarangella : Boreing W/O Clarkson


Jason E warned Frank, “Stop carrying on as if nothing has changed. Top Gear is over, unless Clarkson is back.”


Hugo Racoon Huerta: “We want Clarkson back”.


Chance Bicker: “BRING Clarkson back”.


David Cealic: “Bring Clarkson back, please. I’ll say it in Russian too,: BepHϞTe KnaplccHa”.


ODD 1: “BBC, if I give you all my lunch money, will you free Clarkson and let him back to do his job? Oh and….nice cars.”


Daweve: “Boycott the BBC on Sunday night, I say.”

CLARKSON: Sometime he prefers a bike...photo from National News and pictures
CLARKSON: Sometime he prefers a bike…photo from National News and pictures


Motoring World also confirmed yesterday that BBC’s management made real its decision to scrap the remaining three episodes of the programme watched by millions of viewers all over the world, as yesterday’s episode was not broadcast.


Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most popular and profitable TV shows, with an estimated global audience of 350 million, which is largely attributable to Clarkson’s entertaining and witty manner of presenting Motoring programme.


Clarkson, who has declined making comments about the issue only told reporters on Friday that he remained grateful to almost a million fans, who signed petition seeking for his reinstatement.


Motoring World’s Editor-in-Chief, Femi Owoeye, who has met Clarkson twice in London, described him as one of the most talented motoring writers in the world.


“I fell in love with Top Gear magazine and started subscribing to it since 1999 after reading some of his columns”, recalled Owoeye. “He has a wicked, witty and wired sense of description. I remember him talking about his wife’s

choice of a car and when she sought Clarkson’s advice, his reply to his wife went thus: ‘That car is as safe as having sex with a chainsaw’.


That is his extreme way of saying the car is not safe. In another write-up, trying to recall how many cars he had driven, he said they were as many as buts of cigarette he had throws away. If BBC sacks him, I believe Top-Gear would be badly affected. But I have no doubt that similar motoring programme would resurface on another TV station soonest with Clarkson as its main host. And that station would start ripping from what BBC has used Clarkson to sow since 2002”.

Last year Clarkson, May and Hammond raced from Canada to North Pole
Last year Clarkson raced from Canada to North Pole – photo courtesy of BBC



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