Latest Police Recovered Vehicles

The Lagos State Police Command has recovered ten vehicles suspected to have been stolen from different locations within the state. The vehicles can be located at the station mentioned against each of them as follows:

Make Of Vehicle   Reg. Number.     Colour   Location
Ford Bus APP 747 XQ LSCC Ajegunle Div.
Volkswagen S/C XR 138 FST LSCC Alausa Div.
Lexus Jeep KRD 167 EZ Brown Surulere Div.
Lexus Jeep SMK 982 DR Black Surulere Div.
Toyota Sienna FKJ  900 AX Ash Alausa Div.
Toyota Corolla KSF 108 ND Blue Ajegunle Div.
Landrover Jeep AKD 100 AY Green Area ‘k’ Comm.
NissanMorano JJJ 209 AY Grey Ikeja Div.
Toyota Corolla FKJ 992 CJ Blue Denton Div.
Renault Space Wagon AW 103 DKA Red Denton Div.

As usual, member of the public who have claims on these vehicles should check at the police station mentioned against them with their original documents.

Claimants should endeavour to check the engine numbers as the original registration numbers may have been tampered with, please


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