JAC Releases Concept Car at 2018 Beijing Auto Show

Determined to outshine other exhibitors at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, which kicked off on Sunday, JAC has rolled into the venue, what it described as an exclusive concept car. In a statement it released on Saturday, JAC expressed optimism that its concept car would become the focus of this year’s auto show.

“This concept car model,” it states, “is an advanced intelligent car of ‘European Steve Project’ and JAC, as well as Chinese auto manufacture.

Steve advanced manufacturing intelligent electric vehicle project belongs to European ‘Horizon 2020 Project’. Being the biggest R&D project in Europe, Horizon 2020 Project includes fundamental researches and technology application, aimed at addressing pressing and long-term challenges facing the humanity, to improve scientific research efficiency, technology innovation and economic growth.

Commenting on its frontline exhibit, JAC claimed it has never lacked excellent design language and cutting-edge trend insight.

“In 2009,” it recalled, “JAC SC-9 compact car defeated the competitors and was selected into the national automobile museum in Italy. In 2016, JAC SC-5 debuted in Beijing Auto Show, amazing the world with its unique design language. Winning the bidding of European Steve Project is a reaffirmation for JAC’s design ability.”

JAC R&D centres are composed of Italy R&D centre, Japanese R&D centre and Hefei R&D headquarter, which are responsible for auto sculpt design, car body, interior, electronic components and NVH performance developing.

More Information about Beijing Motor Show

Event Date: April 25, 2018 to May 4, 2018

Exhibits: Passenger cars, commercial vehicles

Open to public: 29 April – 4 May

Organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT AUTO)

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (TianZhu




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