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Is There A Business Case For Autonomous Vehicles?

With the UK government moving forward with its new consultation on automated steering for vehicles, the subject of self-driving cars has once again hit the headlines.

However, the latest report shows there is significant resistance from the very consumers who are supposed to adopt this new wave of technology.

It reveals that buyers and users may be turned off as the car and transport industry moves to embrace autonomous technology.

Driving the Future: Attitudes to Automation was produced in conjunction with survey experts 7th Sense Research UK Ltd. It lifts the lid on people’s attitudes to the technology behind autonomous vehicles and how the public’s perception of transport has shifted over the last 12 months.

While there may be significant safety and environmental benefits to self-driving vehicles, the high level of scepticism means that many may be put off buying or using vehicles that feature elements of autonomy.

The report shows there’s no continuous link between age and acceptance of autonomy, and that there’s even a stubbornly alarmed segment who are actually frightened of it. However, it also shows that explaining benefits of autonomy has a clear impact on approval and acceptance, so carefully managed messaging and communication holds the key.

Published by advanced automotive communication agency loop, Driving the Future – #02 Attitudes to Autonomy is the second of three exclusive reports based on interviews with 3,000 UK transport users throughout June 2020. A follow-up to a study conducted in the same period last year, this new survey has been able to assess impact of the global pandemic.

The results provide key insight to the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on mobility, car ownership and the perception of transport going forward.

Relevant to any business working in the automotive and related sectors, it’s invaluable for those developing new products and services, marketing and engaging with an audience and positioning a brand.

Loop will be publishing the three exclusive Driving the Future reports for free. Part one is already available now here

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