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COVID 19 and Motoring: Simple but Essential Safety Measures


As Corona virus pandemic ravages the earth planet, motorists should be thinking of their own safety. It is essential to take as many precautions as possible.

At this time, ensure you have hand washing equipment in your car. Try not to use the air-conditioner, as this pulls in air from the outside, and as we all know, or should know, this disease is pathogenic (air-bourn).

Try not to carry passengers, unless your can be absolutely sure of them.
When you park, look before you open the door to get out, so as not to get too close to another person.  These may all sound farfetched, but think about it seriously, if you are being advised to keep your distance from one another, this must surely apply to parking and using your car generally. 

Take nothing for granted. At all times, wear a mask going to and from your vehicle.

Commercial drivers and chauffeurs are especially at risk. Please remember there are no medals for stupidity. Like the media professionals, taxi drivers, bus drivers etc are essential service providers. Since you are needed at a time like this to convey people to their desired destinations, you have responsibility of making sure your passengers comply with the Government directives.

A Nigerian chauffer picked up a Corona Virus infected passenger from Lagos Airport. He conveyed him first to Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, where the American spent two weeks before transporting him to Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state capital, not knowing that the man had Covid 19. The man has since died and the driver is in quarantine.

Had the chauffeur insisted on masks for himself and the passengers, he would not have got infected with COVID 19.

If you are a motorist in Europe, where fuel purchase is done by self-service, wear a mask before handling the fuel pump nozzle handle. And after making payment, watch your hands thoroughly before getting back into your car.

Be it Nigeria or other parts of the world, it is advisable to pay with exact amount. For instance, if you are buying fuel worth N3000, hold the exact amount , ensuring that you collect no change. And as you make payment, keep your mask on. It is even better to pay with credit/debit card. After entering your password on the POS machine, wash your hands thoroughly with the hand washing facility, which should be provided at every filling station.

MATILDA FRANCES Editorial Director, Motoring World Intl.

Do not buy fuel from any station without hand washing and sanitising facilities.

So let common sense rule in these difficult times, be firm, be polite, but above all be safe.



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