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Solution to Insecurity on Nigerian Roads

MATILDA FRANCES Insecurity on Nigerian highways has reached an embarrassing state. It is so bad these days that many are afraid of making inter-state travel for fear of being robbed or kidnapped.Party politicians have unsurprisingly made most of it, playing blame game, and ethnic hatred. However, more than opening talk shops, a permanent and effective solution is what the nation ...

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Nigerian Commercial Buses and Haemorrhoids

Motoring World’s editorial director, MATILDA FRANCES takes a satirical look at conduct of certain vehicles used as commercial vehicles in Nigeria… I know what you are thinking: What are buses and Hemorrhoids doing in the same sentence? It started like this. On one of our many journeys I made from Ekiti State to Lagos State of Nigeria, I observed that many a ...

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Unknown Side of Jeremy Clarkson

By: MATILDA FRANCES Imagine a two year old child chasing shiny objects in the air, before they disappear. Then imagine that same child saying the first thing that comes into his head, just to see what the reaction will be and of cause its shock and then suppressed laughter. Move on sixty years and that same child is still at ...

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A Little sanity, Please

By MATILDA FRANCES Hello my lovelies. There are many illegalities in motoring. Road rage is one of them. What is it and why does it exist? Motoring is sweet. Yet it’s dangerous. It’s a situation in which you are separated from the earth by four tyres. And when you travel at any speed, you are safer to be at peace ...

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