What to do with Perpetrators of Fuel Diversion: Shoot the ‘Baggers’

Diversion of fuel fuel meant for Nigerian motoring public has started again! Exactly what Nigeria experienced during the President Jonathan’s regime. Subsidized fuel meant for Nigerian citizens are being diverted to Chad and Niger, just because, unlike Nigeria where fuel pump price is pegged at N145 per litre, it is sold in those neighboring countries for as high as N400/liter. No ...

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MMI Airport Security as Mockery of Buhari CHANGE Campaign

FEMI OWOEYE Obviously, Murtala Mohammed International Airport is an  important gateway into the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And its new vehicle car park seems to be taking forever to build, a situation, which the government security agencies manning the airport have been exploiting to the embarrassment of the country. No doubt, security agents planted at an international airport of that status ...

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Vehicle Import ban: Why Customs’ Demand for More Officers Is Unnecessary

FEMI OWOEYE This week, the Nigerian Custom Service(NCS) revealed it needed more men to man Nigerian porous borders so as to cope with aftermath of ban placed on importation of vehicles via the land borders. The Federal government should ignore their demands. It is unnecessary. The NCS have been major part of the smuggling problem over the years. And they ...

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Nigerian Commercial Buses and Haemorrhoids

Motoring World’s editorial director, MATILDA FRANCES takes a satirical look at conduct of certain vehicles used as commercial vehicles in Nigeria… I know what you are thinking: What are buses and Hemorrhoids doing in the same sentence? It started like this. On one of our many journeys I made from Ekiti State to Lagos State of Nigeria, I observed that many a ...

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RE: Why Government Must Shut Land Borders

Dear editor, Thanks for your piece, “Why Govt. must shut land borders” Ironically, not only the smugglers and ignorant in the society misconstrued the prohibition of vehicle imports through the land borders but even the media. I’ve read a couple of editorials in some newspaper lately, including the SUN and Nation, and I was disappointed how the Fourth-Estate-of-the-Realm could muddled ...

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How to Bloom Nigerian Auto Industry in 2017

FEMI OWOEYE What made the auto industry blossomed in the 1970s and early 1980s was partly and, most important, federal government import restriction order. Great Britain did it in the 60s. South Korea did it. Nigeria did it until President Shehu Shagari assumed office 1979 and opened the nation’s border to imported Asian and European automobiles. Those imported vehicles beat ...

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Why Land Borders Must Remain Shut Against Imported Used Vehicles

To a typical smuggler, who claims to be a stakeholder or car dealer, banning importation of cars through the land border means total ban. Anyway, that is the misinformation they like to spread so as to whip up sentiment. They tell ordinary man on the street that President Buhari has banned importation of used cars, leaving out second part of ...

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Buy Nigeria: Politicians Are Disgrace to Nigeria

JOE OLOWOJOBA Nigerian Government, politician and other arms of Government are nothing but a disgrace to the nation, because when local automotive assembly was conceived everyone thought Government would stop using imported vehicles. In fact, it was expected that Mohamed Buhari, Osinbajo and other Government officials would take the lead in driving local Automotive. But instead the same people continue ...

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