Comparison Test: VW Golf versus Subaru Outback

Point-by-Point Comparison Of Alltrack and Outback Shows VW With Clear Advantages In Performance A new head-to-head comparison infographic from VWPartsVortex.com pits the VW Golf Alltrack against the Subaru Outback. The comparison chart reveals the 2017 VW Golf Alltrack beats the 2017 Subaru Outback in terms of fuel economy, performance, and weight. The infographic also compares cargo space, seating, suspension type, MSRP, and ...

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Earn Money While You Holiday: App Ideas Making a Difference to Mobility Win Ford’s Support

Imagine you could avoid parking fines, make money from your car while it’s parked at an airport or fuel your car without visiting a filling station. These are concepts behind smart apps designed to help change the way the world moves and improve mobility that won a 24-hour coding challenge hosted by Ford’s Connected Vehicle and Services team. Further apps ...

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Nigeria Auto Industry and FOREX Drought

EFULA ABBAH When the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) came into being in 2014, the aim was to position Nigeria as one of the leading auto manufacturing nations. The council was mandated to create the enabling environment needed for local production of vehicles that can withstand global competition in terms of pricing, using local human and material resources, ...

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REVIEW: 4008, SUV with Peugeot’s Signature

No matter what, the lion can’t be hidden. Remove the name tag; somehow, Peugeot’s signature will give it out. It’s not signature with letters. It’s about sexy styling. It’s about elegance. It’s about feline design of the optics, without compromising power, safety, space, comfort and equipment for which Peugeot is reputed, writes ROTIMI ASHER When Peugeot decided to join the ...

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The Jaguar: A Name for Unique Brands

EFULA ABBAH Legendary writer extraordinaire, William Shakespeare, once asked, what is in a name? And several respondents had over time drawn over board the spell factor, which trails a name, in their answers. A name, it is said, is just an identity. But experience will sure dispute it as careless, redundant and irresponsive to the reality in bearing a name. ...

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Book Review: Stirling Moss – The Definitive Biography

Author: Philip Porter   Foreword by Murray Walker Published by: Porter Press International Publication date: September 2016 Price: £35, ISBN: 978-1-907085-33-8         Specifications: 240 x 170mm, jacketed hardback, page extent 672 Illustrations, c. 60, all colour Sir Stirling Moss is one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. He was successful in all forms of motor sport ...

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Durango, Family Vehicle with the Right Attitude

ROTIMI ASHER The amazing Dodge Durango has gone through massive transformations and is now back with the best technology that makes it one of the finest family vehicles ever. With its 2016 model, Dodge Durango is better equipped to become the most advanced Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in its class. Introduced for the first time in1997, it rejuvenated as a ...

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2016 BMW 330E: In a Class of its Own?

EFULA ABBAH The 2016 BMW 330E may not be an EV.  But going by style and evolutional technique, it is definitely more than a hybrid. Everyone, including its maker, is tempted to compare the 2016 BMW 330E iperformance to Tesla Model 3, a prototype vehicle with an ambitious starting price tag of $35,000 and with an equally ambitious launch date. ...

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A Tale of Two Classic Jaguars Reunited After 55 Years

Two Jaguar E-Types that were built on the same day, 24th August, in 1961 on the production line at Browns Lane in Coventry have been reunited at Classic Motor Cars (CMC) of Bridgnorth in Shropshire, United Kingdom, to celebrate their 55th birthdays. One E-Type was the first production inside bonnet lock right hand drive fixed head coupe; the other was ...

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