Durango, Family Vehicle with the Right Attitude

ROTIMI ASHER The amazing Dodge Durango has gone through massive transformations and is now back with the best technology that makes it one of the finest family vehicles ever. With its 2016 model, Dodge Durango is better equipped to become the most advanced Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in its class. Introduced for the first time in1997, it rejuvenated as a ...

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2016 BMW 330E: In a Class of its Own?

EFULA ABBAH The 2016 BMW 330E may not be an EV.  But going by style and evolutional technique, it is definitely more than a hybrid. Everyone, including its maker, is tempted to compare the 2016 BMW 330E iperformance to Tesla Model 3, a prototype vehicle with an ambitious starting price tag of $35,000 and with an equally ambitious launch date. ...

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A Tale of Two Classic Jaguars Reunited After 55 Years

Two Jaguar E-Types that were built on the same day, 24th August, in 1961 on the production line at Browns Lane in Coventry have been reunited at Classic Motor Cars (CMC) of Bridgnorth in Shropshire, United Kingdom, to celebrate their 55th birthdays. One E-Type was the first production inside bonnet lock right hand drive fixed head coupe; the other was ...

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Truly Grand: Women’s Car of the Year Award for KIA Grand Sedona; Now Available with Navigation

Women on Wheels (WOW), South Africa’s motoring annual for women, has announced the winners in its annual Women’s Car of the Year Awards. Thousands of votes were cast for the 120 finalists, which were grouped into 11 categories, and were not only voted for by the public, but also by an all-women judging panel comprising South Africa’s leading and most ...

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AMAZING! Four Cars with the teeth?

Ordinarily, the teeth can tear any leather meat from hardest animals and grind stock fish with easiest grind, but to pull a car? Amazing; and four cars at the same time is even more terrifying. But, an amazing Georgian strongman did it in a more amazing style. Guram Ustiashvili, a bulkily bearded weird Georgian power man belittled four cars in ...

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A Case for the Nigerian Auto Policy

Implementing the Auto Policy in Nigeria can’t be more necessary than now, going by the depressing situation in the auto and allied industries at the moment, coupled with the urgent need to create urgent alternative for the troubled oil industry and considering that even with Agriculture, the automotive industry is about the steering wheel of any economy, EFULA ABBAH writes… ...

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Top 10 Cost-Saving Tips for Motorists

DES FENNER  (General Manager of Datsun South Africa) Owning a car brings freedom and mobility!  But unfortunately, it also adds to your list of expenses. The good news is that although fuel, maintenance and services are part of car ownership, running costs can be reduced effectively by adopting a few good habits. The more conservatively you drive, the more you ...

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Behold Most Outstanding BMW 3-Series Ever

Although The BMW 3-Series has been a class leader for more than forty years, what Coscharis Motors Nigeria has on offer offering is a luxury machine with an appealing mix of upmarket badge appeal, an enjoyable chassis, smooth engines and low running costs, reports ROTIMI ASHER The new BMW 3-Series is in Nigerian luxury automotive showrooms, parading driving satisfaction both ...

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