All-New Mercedes-Benz Accelo: An Icon for Agility

Due to the growing demand by various businesses to increase revenue and productivity while maintaining reduced overhead costs, Mercedes-Benz recently launched a new medium duty truck for city and short distance operations. The all-new Accelo915C, first Mercedes-Benz compact truck ever, is now available for delivery at Weststar Associates Limited, Authorized General Distributors of Mercedes-Benz commercial and passenger vehicles in the ...

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Tail of a Trio of Horses

A racetrack, a pair of modified Ford Mustang V8s (plus a standard one), a blonde and a brunette. And an American flag – which as it turns out was made in China. That then was the backdrop to a combined project by RGMotorsport’s engineering and marketing teams to validate their aftermarket offerings on Ford’s sporty coupe, a car which remains ...

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How Volkswagen Is Developing Car of the Future Virtually: A Visit to Volkswagen’s Virtual Engineering Lab

Bright sunlight floods the Volkswagen Virtual Engineering Lab in Wolfsburg. Two dozen screens flicker, some of them showing graphics and others hundreds of lines of program code. In the center of the room, there is a 1:4 scale model of a Golf. Frank Ostermann inspects the model, and then he changes its wheels, replaces the rear lights and modifies the ...

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Find out What Peugeot did to 2008 SUV Four Years after Launch

When Peugeot launched its 2008 compact crossover in 2013, it recognized the growing demand for smaller, more versatile vehicles linking agile dynamics and a broader range of capabilities to a smart, comfortable and flexible interior. Four years later, the new 2008 SUV has emerged as major success story, with global sales for the period exceeding the 760 000 mark. Not content ...

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How Hopeful Are Nigerian Auto Industry Stakeholders about 2017?

FEMI OWOEYE Stakeholders of the Nigerian Automobile Industry are divergent in their outlook on the year 2017. Motoring World’s checks on majority of the players revealed that while certain stakeholders are yet to get over the unpleasant business climate of 2016, others have simply changed strategies. Yet there are still those who have a renewed hope on the federal government’s ...

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Incredible! Five Million Toyota Engines Produced in 14 Years?

If the 5 million engines that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama has produced over the past 14 years were lined up side by side, they would stretch from Huntsville to Los Angeles! “Five million, that’s incredible.  You just don’t think in those terms,” says Theodore Bridgeforth, a group leader and original team member who helped bring that first engine forth back ...

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Why Should you buy New Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class has arrived Nigerian luxury automobile showrooms, courtesy of Weststar Associates Limited, sole general distributor of the German brand in Nigeria. In a statement made available to Motoring World early this week, Weststar described the new machine as a proof that Mercedes-Benz is committed to transforming not just automobiles, but the very idea of mobility itself, adding that ...

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Molsheim Dream Factory: Visit to Production Facility for Bugatti Chiron

Welcome to Molsheim Dream Factory, a plant, where only 20 employees, including two women, assemble the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious production super sports car from more than 1,800 individual parts, working solely by hand. Posted by: Motoring World International on: 10th February, 2017 in: Features   Series production of the Bugatti Chiron is rapidly gathering pace. Currently, 12 ...

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50 Years Anniversary: What is new in 2017 Toyota Corolla?

To celebrate 50 years of great heritage, Toyota kicks off the New Year with a special anniversary model to augment the model’s iconic status. The question, however, is:how different is the new model compared to what the world has always known as best-selling nameplate in automotive history? One of the most difficult questions to answer in the automotive industry is, ...

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