Behold Most Outstanding BMW 3-Series Ever

Although The BMW 3-Series has been a class leader for more than forty years, what Coscharis Motors Nigeria has on offer offering is a luxury machine with an appealing mix of upmarket badge appeal, an enjoyable chassis, smooth engines and low running costs, reports ROTIMI ASHER The new BMW 3-Series is in Nigerian luxury automotive showrooms, parading driving satisfaction both ...

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Ford Fathers’ Day tips on Responsible Driving to Sustain Environment

Fathers have a great responsibility to ensure they preserve the environment for their children. This Father’s Day, Ford Motor Company, through its forward-thinking approach to environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing, offers fathers in Nigeria some good tips relating to sustaining our environment, as well as opportunity to travel around Nigeria in style, in vehicles such as the Ford Fusion, EcoSport, Fiesta ...

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Ten Driver- Assist Features in Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger, which is now assembled and on sale in Nigeria, is packed with ten awesome Driver- Assist features that help owners to drive smarter… For more than 20 years, the Ranger has proven to be one of Ford’s most popular pickups across the globe, providing thousands of customers with Built Ford Tough capabilities. Having gone through a comprehensive global ...

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JAC IEV6S, The Prince Charming of Electric Cars

Mid May, JAC unveiled to the media IEV6S Chinese first pure-electric SUV, IEV6S. From the reactions of over 200 customers and journalists, who interacted with the charming-looking vehicle, the electric SUV could be first car ever to be named Prince Charming, writes FRANCES MATILDA Described by a customer as the most beautiful pure-electric vehicle ever made,  IEV6S SUV benefited from ...

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10 Reasons Why Vans Are Making a Comeback – Ford

The van has been the preferred vehicle for artisans since the 1950s. Plumbers, electricians, and the likes use vans to transport their tools and goods. And when families move home, they call “The Man with a Van”. Africa’s vast distances and rough roads demand durability and toughness. In South Africa, if you need something moved, you would generally ask a ...

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Ford Mustang at 52: The Making of Automotive Icon

What is today known as Ford’s global Mustang day, as marked on April 17th, is nothing shot of celebration of restoration and reinvention, writes FRANK BOYEDE There are many automotive icons today. But none is comparable with the legendary Ford Mustang. It was destined to become an idol and be positioned almost like the very first Model T, by the ...

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New Mid-Size Premium Mercedes C-Class Review

Although the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class being sold in Nigeria flaunts more of many things, including space, safety, equipment, it comes with less of one thing, CO2 emissions, reports ROTIMI ASHER Exterior, interior or from whichever angle you view it from, the new C-Class is surrounded by that same aura of Mercedes-Benz elegance, strength, innovation and superiority. Styling At first sight, ...

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Extremes from Rolls Royce History

With the imminent arrival of the Rolls-Royce Black Badge, the most extreme edition from the famous manufacturer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London is celebrating some other extremes from the company’s history, reports MATILDA FRANCES Automotive enthusiasts, freaks and collectors around the world know that Rolls-Royce is not a toy for the kids. Neither is it a car that would be sold ...

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Ford’s Ultimate Tow Machine with Seven Cameras

Ford, America’s truck leader is giving heavy-duty truck customers more smart technology and better views to make backing up a trailer easier than ever. All-new F-Series Super Duty offers innovative Trailer Reverse Guidance – an available technology that uses cameras to see more angles, monitor conditions surrounding the truck and provide real-time coaching guidance, while maneuvering a trailer. Two patents ...

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