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Dear Editor,

Before rewires start milking me, kindly gives me a guide. For some days, every time I started my car in the morning, the battery won’t start the car.

I’ve been helped to jump-start the car by my neighbour and the car would charge and start throughout the day. But after parking it overnight, the same problem I experience in the morning.

The car is 2012 Toyota Corolla, which I bought.

Kindly assist.

Mrs B. Odeyemi




Dear Madam,

There are a number of reasons why your battery could run down overnight.

First of all, the battery might be too old to hold and retain charge for long. Solution is to buy a new battery. It can be frustrating managing an old battery, for, every motorist need to know that a battery is the SOUL of a car. It’s the source of power for the entire car.

Second, If the battery is not too old, it could be your charging system, talking about alternator not recharging the battery, as you drive about. In that case, it needs looking at.

Third, there could be an electrical device that does not fully shut down, whenever you off the engine and so drain the battery overnight.

And lastly, It could happen, if you forgot to switch off completely your headlamp or any other accessory that are capable of sucking power off your battery.

What to do

To truly certify that battery is the problem, jumpstart the car, as usual and drive it to an auto rewire workshop. Let the battery be tested with what is known as Voltmeter. If the volt reads less than 12.6 volts, you need to get the battery charged.

Test if it Holds Power: After fully charged, get the battery tested with a battery testing device, which will reveal whether or not the battery is still good to go.

Test if It’s the Alternator: Once fully charged, the battery needs to be-retest , while your engine is idling. To proof that your alternator is working efficiently, the battery should read 13.5 to 14.5 volts. If it reads less than that, you need to get the alternator checked.

As usual, this is how we shall end this week’s illumination edition of Auto Clinic, served you from Motoring World International.

Thanks to those, who sent us commendation mails after last week’s edition. That’s encouraging. Unfailingly, I shall serve you another interesting edition next week.

And as a reminder, Dear motorists, have you experienced any intractable motoring problem from your automobile? For an explanation, solution or guide, send me an email, indicating the brand, model and manufacturing year of the vehicle. Please give as much explanation as you can about the problem.

And before you leave your home in the morning or embark on any long distance trip, check your tyres, ensuring there is no over-inflation or under-inflation. And also ensure you are not driving on expired tyres.

Be safety conscious.

Send your mails to: autoclinic@motoringworldng.com







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