BMW X2 Set to Debut into African Market, Targets the Young-at-Heart

Cape Town, South Africa is ready to, on Thursday, witness an official media launch of the first ever BMW X2 into the African market. The launch, which shall be witnessed by leading Motoring journalists across Africa, is aimed at kick-starting the car’s journey into garages of young auto lovers in sub-Sahara Africa. 

According to BMW Group, in a recent mail to Motoring World, the car is being targeted at the young-at-heart, especially urban  dwellers, who lead active lives and are fully connected with the digital world.

As the attractive, exciting, extrovert new X2 celebrates its market premiere this week, the car, according to the German auto maker, is set to push back boundaries, put a firework under old habits and bring previously uncharted levels of driving pleasure to its segment.

“In so doing,” it pointed out, “the BMW X2 will appeal primarily to a young and young-at-heart target group.”

Courtesy of BMW Group and Coscharis Motors (Nigeria’s main representative for BMW), Motoring World will, on Thursday, join other African Motor press at Cape Town, to witness the launch and serve you with fresh and on-the-spot reports about launch. So watch out.


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