Tour of Africa: Coscharis Motors Welcomes BMW R1250gsa Stopover in Nigeria

Coscharis Motors, Nigeria’s sole franchisee of BMW vehicles and Motorrad recently welcomed a BMW Bike enthusiast and owner, Mariusz Sliwa from Germany, who having started his journey from Germany intends to tour the stretch of Africa in his BMW R1250GSA.

According to Sliwa, the reason he embarked on the tour is because he drives for fun and always want to be on the road. And driving with BMW Bike makes the journey easy. This confirms the Motorcycle Industry Council Consumer Experience Study that shows that BMW Bike owners are “experienced riders” who have 34 years of riding experience and cover 3 times as many miles as the average adventure bike owner in a year (5,000 vs 1,700).

Sliwa has always been a customer of the BMW Bike and this current one was bought in February 2019 being the latest model.

According to the BMW Brand Manager for Coscharis Motors, Cletus Aregbeshola, that Sliwa’s stopover in Nigeria is an opportunity to get his BMW Bike serviced by Coscharis Motors, the sole franchise dealership of BMW and to ensure that only genuine parts are utilized for the service.

Silwa started his journey in Mid August and has spent over 200 hours on the road travelling exactly 12000 Kilometres with 8000kms spent in Africa.

For Mariusz Sliwa, his confidence in the BMW GSA model plus its reliability, prompted him to tour the length of Africa. He started his Journey from Germany – Holland – Belgium – France – United Kingdom – Ireland – Spain, ( 28 hours on the ship to Spain from Ireland), from Spain to Morocco and then to Nigeria via Benin.

From Nigeria, he plans to ride en-route Cameroon, South Africa and so on till he finishes the tour. He has set a one year target to complete the tour.

As stated in a media statement made available to Motoring World recently, the base R1250GSA is only available in Ice Grey, but there are lots of new pieces for 2019.

It states: “The intake snorkel cover, radiator cover, and crash bars (both for the engine and tank) are all new, as is the black GS molded cover on the storage compartment on the top of the tank. There are also steering geometry and wheelbase differences compared to the previous year.”

Coscharis Motors is the sole franchisee of BMW vehicles and Motorrad in Nigeria since early 2000. It currently has sales and service networks across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

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