Why Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Construction Will Cost More– FG

Ongoing construction of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway will cost additional N64billion, due to new works added to the original contract, the federal government has revealed.  

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr Adedamola Kuti, on Friday, who debunked earlier media reports about the variations in the projects costs and delivery time, said there were no variations in the cost of the projects, but that the additional works increased its cost.

According to him, addition works such as footbridges, under passes, toll plazas and walkways were added to the project due to springing up of settlements on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway corridor.

“The addition works,” he explained, “costing about N64 billion made the contract sum to increase about N134 billion.”

He said that the Federal Executive Council extended the project’s completion period by four years, which would be 2021/2022, because of the additional work.

“This additional works cost money and must b added to the cost of the job,” he said.

He appealed to motorists on the road and other construction zones to be patient and obey all road signs and traffic rules.

“Right now, we are working around MFM and RCCG area, that is kilometres 15 and 26, we do know that work would be completed soon on those sections.

“We want to appeal to people to be patient as they use the road, bearing in mind that it is a construction zone. They should be very careful, when they drive.

“There are traffic officers that control traffic; motorists should obey them as well as traffic rules and regulations,” he said, adding that there are no alternative routes to the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway at the moment, because the Ikorodu-Shagamu is also under construction.

On the Apapa trailer park, Kuti assured that the project would be completed before the end of April.

According to him, the shoreline protection aspect of the project was 25 per cent completed, adding that the entire project had achieved 94 per cent completion.

“We expect that the work will be completed this April and we should be handing the trailer park over to the NPA – Nigerian Port Authority – by end of this month. The materials we were waiting for have arrived and being cleared in the port as we speak.

“We have already completed 25% of the shortline protection, which has been the major aspect holding us. The entire project is 94% completed,” he said.

Kuti said that facilities, including toilets and bathrooms, police post, ticketing section and boreholes to make the park comfortable for use had been completed.




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