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I DREAM OF A FLYING CAR -Parvir Singh, MD Stallion NMN

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you want to see Mr. Singh’s gap-toothed smile, talk cars. The chat was done at an event venue. Hurriedly. There was no enough time to ask him what he does while driving. Does he whistle? What music does he listen to in-car? Does he sing while driving? Of course his name is Mr. Parvir Singh. He talked briefly about his life and cars. A friendly chatty stuff, it was.

Enjoy it…

Motoring World: What does a car mean to you?

Singh: A car means life to me. It’s a part of my life. It’s like part of my body. It makes me mobile. It gives me so much advantage, and it gives me convenience.

Motoring World: For how long have you been driving?

Singh: For the past 25 years

Motoring World: How and why did you learn driving?

Singh: I learnt driving as a teenager, because I wanted to control my time and space. So I learnt driving, so that I won’t need to depend on anybody.

Motoring World: Have you a dream car?

Singh: Dream car?

Motoring World: Yeah

Singh: (Laughed) Yes, it’s a car that will fly

Motoring World: So how are you going to get that?

Singh: It’s already there. Technologically, it’s already there

Motoring World: So are you investing in that yet?

Singh: Not yet. But the technology is already there.














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