Grey Vehicle Import: Ade-Ojo Lauds Nigerian Custom Service


Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) has been commended for its efforts at clamping down on grey vehicle importers in the country.

Ade-Ojo, TNL’s managing Director: “We are beginning to see changes”(Copyright: Motoring World International)

The Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL), Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo gave the commendation on Thursday during the company’s quarterly press briefing held at TNL’s head office in Lekki-Lagos.

He said custom’s efforts are beginning to impact positively on genuine Nigerian auto dealership business, especially Toyota dealers as well as buyers.

“The customs are really cracking down on the grey market,” he affirmed, adding, “I will like to commend them on that on one side. Figures at our disposal show that the volume of business by these people (grey importers) has sort of reduced. The effect of customs going around is also putting a lot of them under pressure.

“What we are also beginning to see now is some of the grey dealers, rather than bringing in the goods themselves, would rather go to our dealers, which is better, because, at the end of the day, the customer gets the product that came in through Toyota Nigeria for the Nigerian market.”

According to Ade-Ojo, although some genuine auto dealers, who actually paid duties, are sometimes being unduly affected, for grey import auto dealers, it has not been business as usual.

He explained: “Some of us that actually paid duties like Toyota Nigeria are also

Hameed Ali: Customs Comptroller General

sometimes being unduly affected. Even with evidences, sometimes this causes unnecessary headaches for us and our customers. But I know of raids in Lagos, raids in Abuja. I also read in papers of grey dealers’ facilities stormed by the custom. So this is giving the grey importers concern. They are not even comfortable displaying their goods.

“And of course, we are also doing public awareness. What I understand is that when you go to grey dealers, they would offer customers the option of buying the one with duty paid and the one without.

“But at Toyota Nigeria, you are guaranteed that all vehicles you buy from us have the right duties paid. So you have a peace of mind. And we even did some campaign early in the year, and I think we would also probably be doing the same as we end the year just to enlighten our customers. And a lot of customers are also beginning to ask for confirmation that you have actually paid duties with correct documentation, which we are not afraid to give, because we have them. And that also helps the Toyota image and integrity in the market.”

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