Advancing Nigeria Auto Industry, Using Indian Model

If Nigeria were to follow the route that India has adopted and effectively stop used car imports, the effect on the Nigerian economy would be substantial with an increase in home based manufacturing, observes PHILOMENA EDGAR India is a strange country. It has 22 official languages. According to the Census of India, the total number of mother tongues spoken in ...

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Lagos Irrational Fuel Queues and Ambode’s One-Day Brag

By: FEMI OWOEYE When, last week, the Lagos State government ruled that it would no longer tolerate indiscriminate queues for fuel in Lagos, I thumped up, thinking Governor Ambode had decided to live up to first four letters of his name: “Ambo..”, which literarily translates to “we are coming”. Thursday, relevant government agencies, including DPR, LASTMA and the police swung ...

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My Fears about Driverless Cars

By: FEMI OWOEYE There is possibility that most future automobiles would be autonomous. In Wester nations, UK for instance, insurance companies are concerned. They still can’t decipher who to blame in case of accidents. It seems tricky. After all, conventional practice is that, in case of accidents, driver of a vehicle, not necessarily owner is culpable. Now we are talking ...

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Why Nigerian Auto Assemblers Must Generate their Own Power

By: ROTIMI ASHER (rotimiasher@motoringworldng.com) On a serious note, I have often wondered why it is difficult for Nigeria to generate enough megawatts for 24-hour power supply. Sometimes, I have been made to think that our past leaders might have signed a deal with darkness to ensure that, no matter the amount of money sunk into the power sector, the country’s ...

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Is Auto Industry Safe in President Buhari’s Hands?

By: FEMI OWOEYE It is understandable that, with the continuous crash of the oil prices in the world market, government has been incapacitated financially. Notwithstanding, in a situation like this, economic theory of Opportunity cost and alternative forgone becomes handy. This is a period when relevant government policies, actions and inactions should naturally favour local industries above foreign ones. Reason: ...

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Where are Former Lawmakers’ Official vehicles?

Common argument among current legislators is that four-year-old exotic vehicles do not befit “honourable members”. Law makers elected to represent Nigerians at the national level deserve some element of comfort, no doubt. In case they have to attend to constitutional assignments or what they call oversight functions, a pool bus might not be ideal, as the lawmakers may not always ...

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Need to Banish Taste for Imported Vehicles: Buy Nigeria!

By: FEMI OWOEYE Given the number of auto assembly plants now operating in Nigeria, coupled with the federal government’s resolve to pump funds into power generation, the nation could be on its way to industrialization. But, sadly, unless Nigerians, including government functionaries and individuals kill their silly tastes for imported new and used vehicles, it would never reach there. Of ...

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Re-Focusing FRSC for Accident Prevention: A Rejoinder

By: SANI ABDULLAHI (Superintendent Route Commander) As the lead agency for road safety management and administration in the country, the primary concern of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) remains safety of road users which is ensured through public enlightenment programmes, enforcement and engineering, using the Regular and Special Marshals as well as members of Road Safety Clubs. Our attention ...

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