What Will it Benefit CBN, If Nigeria Auto Industry Dies?

FEMI OWOEYE When President Muhammadu Buhari talked about diversification, I clapped. When the government even boasted of reviving the petrochemical as well as the steel rolling mills, I thumped up. For I know these have always been the right way to go, even before our economy went into recess. Recession was not entirely the making of this government, agreed. But, ...

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Arrest, Prosecute Motorist Who Pulled Gun at FRSC Officers Now

FEMI OWOEYE Last Sunday, a motorist, who just finished worshipping at a “Winners Chapel” church in Abuja, reportedly attempted to gun down an armless official of the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) for daring to ask him to wear seat belt. As reported, the suspect, driving a car with registration number: SD01 RBC, had on board his wife and children. He ...

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The Jaguar: A Name for Unique Brands

EFULA ABBAH Legendary writer extraordinaire, William Shakespeare, once asked, what is in a name? And several respondents had over time drawn over board the spell factor, which trails a name, in their answers. A name, it is said, is just an identity. But experience will sure dispute it as careless, redundant and irresponsive to the reality in bearing a name. ...

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AUTONOMOUS CARS: Who Pays If Something Goes Wrong?

EFULA ABBAH With technology in the global auto industry gliding from new inventions and innovations to amazing creativities, the face of automobile gears to a future ‘dependably’ owned by self driving wheels, in a vehicular generation called Autonomous. This seeming craves for the Autonomous vehicles is garnering momentum as global auto manufacturers are already competing in the production. But, one ...

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EFULA ABBA (Motoring World’s General Editor) Inquisitivity, it is said, kills the cat; and yet asking bares no grudge, because it enlightens and broadens knowledge. There are reasons to begin to ask questions now concerning the August visit of the Association of Africa Automotive Manufacturers, AAAM, to the country recently. From the planning of the visit, the arrival and the ...

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Does Toyota Nigeria Merit LCCI 2016 Award?

By: FEMI OWOEYE Recently, Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) emerged only Nigerian Automobile Company decorated at this year’s Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) annual award, instituted to recognize deserving sectors of the nation’s economy. Not less than 19 awards were presented to different organizations for standing out in their various sectors. TNL clinched the ‘High Standard in Automobile Service ...

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Lessons from Chinese FAW Auto Plant

By: OLOWOJOBA JOSEPH (olowojobajoseph@netzero.net) The new Chinese FAW truck with a ready assembly plant in Nigeria is significant. The fact that the company did not just stop at setting up a truck plant, but also went as far as generating its own power show how much faith the FAW Plant investors have in Nigeria economy. This as well as other ...

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Reaction of Nigerian Automakers to Imported Vehicles Purchased By the Nigerian Senate (Full Text)

Full text of  statement by the Nigerian Automotive Manufacturers Association(NAMA) in reaction to N3.9b Senate vehicle imports during a press briefing held at the Golden Tulip, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday 28th April 2016. Successive governments in Nigeria have been battling to move our economy forward, employing different strategies and ploys to energize our docile state and create value to ...

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Purchase of Imported SUVs by Senators, Insensitive

By: JOSEPH OLOWOJOBA (olowojobajoseph@netzero.net) Members of the nation’s Senate and the House of representatives are constantly dragging Nigerian economic development into the mud, due to long history and high level greed and corruption, which have held the country backward for decades. The ongoing fight against corruption by President Buhari’s administration is facing constant obstacles caused by MPs, Judges and Governors. ...

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